Welcome to Blondy's People.

 On this page you will meet some of the most epic people around. From Social workers to vicars you will hear discussions on subjects such as  Gangs, exploitation, social enterprise, feminism, domestic abuse and the power of telling your truth.

 Blondy's people is based on the concept that it takes a village to raise a child and no one person or organisation has the answers to tackle the many different issues our children and young people face, but together we have the chance to create something quite amazing. 

It could not be easier. Find the episode that takes your fancy, click the picture and join us on the Blondy's People journey.


Episode 1: Naomi Donald 

The one about peer on peer abuse, and domestic abuse.

Naomi Donald is Domestic Abuse and Youth Violence consultant, Youth and community worker, Mentor, Poet and Blog writer from Birmingham. Naomi is a pioneer for Safelives and is on a mission to educate young people about healthy relationships, harmful sexual behaviours and youth violence issues. 


Episode 2: Luke Goldie- McSorley 
The one about hope.

Luke is a social worker in Essex and implements solution focused brief therapy into his practice. Luke comes with a message about never giving up on a child and why hope is so important.

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Episode 3: Jenny @ Bear Face Theatre 

The one about the power of archiving positive growth for all those affected by the criminal justice system

Jenny is the  Co-founder and Joint Artistic Director for BearFace Theatre. Based in Hampshire, they work creatively, collaboratively, and proactively to achieve positive growth aimed at all those affected by the CJS. Using the arts as a catalyst to raise the voices of those who feel marginalised and unheard aiming to unify and strengthen community connections. 

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Episode 4: Paul McKenzie 

The one about the power of film, grooming and social media platforms.

Paul McKenzie is a former gang member who now works with children and young people, using the power of film to show them that they have great potential both in front of and behind the camera.  With these young people, Paul and his team have gone on to create some outstanding short films including SICK, a short film about that focuses on the fact that the mental health of the youth is often overlooked. Paul is also the founder of Foam, a social media platform that aims to safeguard those that use it. 


Episode 5 :  Kimberley Lamb
The  one about  the voice of marginalised communities 

Kimberly Lamb is the head of Bedfordshire's Violence & Exploitation Reduction Unit. Kimberley is here to make a change and to ensure that those within marginalised communities have a voice. Kimberly leads within inter-agency working, community issues, policing and strategic partnerships, Specialising in working with some of our most vulnerable community groups and in the delivery of targeted, inspirational and unique projects and programmes in communities, schools, colleges, universities, statutory organisations and corporations. In Kimberly's own words ...
"Its simple! I have a personal passion for community safety, empowering young people and adults in all aspects of education, work and community life - with a strong emphasis on policy influencing and change within the CJS"


Episode 6: Diane Curry
The one about prisoners and their families

Diane Curry is the CEO of POPs ( Partners of prisoners) . Diane comes with a lived experience that money cant buy and a heart of gold. POPS, established by offenders’ families for offenders’ families. Identifying needs and finding the solutions: being the solutionPOPS was an early advocate for the development of Visitor Centres and the role they play in supporting families and has grown and grown. Families and relationships have always been influential in defining people’s behaviour and POPS will continue to highlight the positive role of the family in all stages of a person’s desistance to crime. 


Episode 7: Sunny Dhadley 

The one about  lived experience and social change

Sunny has been rock bottom and knows what that feels like. He also knows how it feels to fight your way to the top. Sunny us a TEDx and motivational speaker, systems analyst and social impact consultant - with lived experience of addiction and over a decade of experience within the charity and public sectors. Sunny says that integrity and humility are his core values and which  "enabled me to take a start-up organisation to reach its full potential as a leading UK service provider. Within a decade, I successfully developed an embryonic concept and created a respected service model that holistically assisted people that had been affected by addiction & other modern day harms (such as – low levels of skills/education, poor mental health, social injustice, homelessness, unemployment, indebtedness etc.)".


Episode 8: Tom Humphrey

The one about male mental health , living with anxiety and "keep on keeping on".

Tom lives in Thanet, Kent and is 29 (Just!!) He is  the Assistant Head of Behaviour and Key Stage 4 Leader in a Secondary school . Working with vulnerable students in a deprived area around their behaviour support, attendance, well being, mental health, academic progress, work experience and interventions, working closely with the Safeguarding team, to ensure all our students are safe. He extremely passionate about his job. He is a Huge Beyonce fan  and is starting a Criminology and Psychology Degree in October 2020

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Episode 9: Fiona Broadfoot

The one about the women who rose from the ashes.

Fiona is a radical feminist and sex work survivor and founder of the Build A Girl Project,   a survivor-led social enterprise working with young women at risk of, or experiencing, sexual exploitation.  A survivor of child sexual exploitation herself, Fiona was forced into prostitution at 15. She managed to leave 11 years later, with nothing but the clothes on her back, and has been an activist ever since.  In March 2018, she and two other women, who chose to remain anonymous, won a landmark legal case to no longer have to disclose their convictions for soliciting. Fiona says these convictions (which she calls a “document of abuse”) have not only held her back from employment, but were a huge barrier to leaving prostitution in the first place.


Episode 10: Sabrina & Nathan Dennis

The one  about family, love and  legacy 

Sabrina and Nathan are the founders of First Class Legacy,  who's  goal is to create an amazing nation of Young people that are fun, dynamic, excited, working together in love, respect and harmony as they live and fulfil their purpose in life. First Class Foundation is founded on Values based leadership and principles. First Class Foundation projects & programmes serve young people from across the city, helping them to get involved and make a difference around their areas of passion & purpose.

We are First Class Foundation “Building a First Class Nation!”


Episode 11: Steve Warner

The one with the deputy head talking about the importance inclusive education 

Steve is a deputy headteacher in a large secondary school in Luton. His areas of responsibility include culture and capital and daily operations. He is passionate about ensuring every student accesses a fully inclusive education that allows them to achieve both their academic and personal potential for future success. He is developing and widely sharing 'Beyond The Gate' - a school-based response to societal youth violence - and is this year beginning, alongside his work in school, a part time secondment to work alongside the Youth Justice Board to further develop this model.


Episode 12: Kate Littler
The one about Youth Offending Team and those within it
Kate currently works within the youth offending Team (YOT) and is very aware  of the challenges faces not only by the service users but also the staff that help young people navigate away from crime. Kate speaks openly and honestly about YOT in a way that is beneficial to professionals, parents and young people. 

Episode 13: Joke Murray
The one about self care. 
Joke Murray is, among other things, a yoga teacher. She is based in Canterbury and owns the Manor Barn, centre for peace and personal development. They offer many services in this beautiful setting including Shiatsu, counselling, hypnotherapy and of course yoga to but mention a few.

Episode 14: Sally Jackson
The one with where we learn about feminism 

Sally is a trustee for Filia. Sally works with those affected by domestic abuse and violence. She helps to give a platform to the women who may never of had the chance to have a voice before. She is an advocate for us. For women. I mean she went to the house of lords and spoke about how the various forms of male violence against women fit the definition of torture and how as a state we are failing in our international obligations.


Episode 15: Jhiselle Feanny

The one for Believe in Bee
I met Jhiselle when I presented at one of her events with Junior Smart and we hit it off straight away. She brings a power and a presence to a room that you can’t deny. I like that in a person. Jhiselle is not the kind of women you want to challenge unless you have facts and figures. The work she has done around gangs and exploitation is above and beyond. Jhiselle is a social worker who is here to save and change lives. She is her for the young people. She walks the walk and talks the talk . 

Believe In Bee is a charitable Non Profit Organisation created to support vulnerable persons aged between 10 – 27 years of age who have suffered Domestic Violence, Abuse, Exploitation, and Post Trauma during their adolescent years.


Episode 16: Rebecca Attwood
The one about the importance of understanding SEN

Rebecca (or Becky as we call her) is every nervous about her video going out. She doesn’t want people to think she knows everything about SEN. She is a very humble woman. Becky  (At the time of recording ) was a SEN intervention coordinator in a deprived secondary school and is now training to become  a teacher. 

Becky makes people not feel stupid both adults and children. She has a way of walking into a situation and making sure that everyone in the room is advocated for despite their needs (Or not).I have seen Becky give children a voice in situations with just by her ability to help people break things down and then say them again. Becky makes sure no child ever feels the way Blondy did that day. She would take it as a personal failing if they did.

Episode 17: Gemma Aitchison
The one about  about sexual abuse, violence, rape and murder.
Gemma is a Survivor, a campaigner, a feminist and an all-round bad ass.

Episode 18: Bird Podcast

The one about real life stories from prison 

Nina and Kate created Bird podcast so they could talk about the things they wanted to. They allow real life stories from prison to be shared with whoever wants to here it (10,000 at the last count just so you know).  They ask the question that needs to be asked “What does it really mean to do time?” and then get as many different opinions as they can on that subject. I don’t think they truly know how epic they both are. Did I mention they were awarded ‘Outstanding Digital Media Champion’ winners at the Criminal Justice Alliance awards in 2019…. yup….


Episode 19: Rev Stefan Thomas
The One about God and hope
Stefan is one of Blondy’s people because I respect the work that he does and what he offers to those who choose to engage…..Hope. Sometimes all someone needs is hope. If I ever worked with a child and it was indicated to me they were curious about the church then it would always be Stefan who I would contact.

Episode 20: Charlie B
The one about trapping , surviving and mental health 
Gang culture is something that Charlie knows too well and is something that he deals with on a daily basis. He wanted to speak out and talk about the impact that street life has on mental health.

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Chapter 21: Debbie Sales
The one about the power of your story

Debbie is one of Blondy’s people because the role she is doing now is something I respect and would love us to do more work together. She gets it, she sees what people need to do to make this world a better place. Debbie is also one of Bondy’s people because we have both come through the other side of being a secret keeper and want others to know the power of telling your truth

Chapter 22:  Dr Simon Harding
The one about the power of knowledge 

Simon is a Professor at University of West London, England. He currently works in the Research Centre for Cybercrime and Security and specialises in urban street gangs, dangerous dogs, acid attacks, hate crime and youth crime.

He has a wide range of practitioner and professional experience in crime reduction and community safety including working for the Home Office as Regional Crime Advisor (London). He has an extensive history in urban regeneration and criminology having worked on over 2,000 social housing estates in the UK. He has written and produced numerous community safety audits, strategies and reports and in 1999 was co-inventor of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs).

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Episode 23: Space
The one about the failing of children involved in county lines

SPACE is a self-funded organisation founded in January 2018, in response to the national prevalence of Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and the County Lines phenomenon which has entrenched thousands of young children and people into serious violence and organised crime.

Episode 24: Lady Unchained 
The one about life after prison 
Lady Unchained is about the truth and the youth. She is about empowerment. She is about the power of word. She is one of the funniest people I have spoken to in my life.
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Episode 25: Rachel Bell
The one  talking about thing's such as damage caused by porn, sexualisation of children and why porn hub is allowed to publish videos of rape and the sexual abuse of children.
Rachel has a website, Betty Bandit, Where she rips apart lap dancing clubs, prostitution, porn, sexualisation of girls and women. She is also an ambassador for Oasis Domestic abuse and Not buying it. Rachel has also written lots on Gender equality and consent. Her blogs are hard hitting and grimy. Just how I like them.


Episode 26: Dr Carlene Firmin
The One about Contextual Safeguarding 
May I introduce to you all Dr Carlene Firmin. We all should have a Shero/heroine and Carlene is mine. I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain who she is, like…. we should all know lol. Since 2013 Carlene has developed and led the Contextual Safeguarding and peer-on-peer abuse research programmes at the University of Bedfordshire. She is the queen of contextual safeguarding. She gets gangs and exploitation and domestic abuse and sexual abuse and all the other grimy parts of society…she gets it. She takes it apart. She sees things that others should and then…this amazing woman….. She looks for solutions. She doesn’t just see It and go…yup …that’s grim. She creates programmes and interventions to make the change.
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Episode 27: George the Poet
The One about social change, spoken word and moving forward. 
George Mpanga is one of Blondy’s people because he came from the endz….. got out… but instead of running …and he could have… he has come back to try and make a better world for people like Blondy. Just like he said he would…. A man of his word.
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Chapter 28: Kendra Houseman
The one for Blondy