FiLiA 2018

Manchester 20-21st of October

Welcome to Out of the Shadows celebration of the Filia 2018 conference. The aim of this page is to provide some information  for anyone wanting to know about Filia . On this page you will find info and contact details for many of the people involved with Filia.

There is not enought space to mention everyone, but you can check everything out at :


Nawal Slemiah,  The Women of Hebron

Filia was mentioned in a few different media stories. Can you believe that the national press have not picked up Filia! There were some amazing stories told at the conference and each one deserved hours of coverage.
The above picture is that of Nawal Slemiah, from Palestine. I so wanted to go and speak to her after she had spoken but I honestly did not feel worthy of speak to such a epic women.
The Morning star covered Nawals delivery and they mentioned me in the same article!!
You can read the article here

If you would like to read about the amazing work Nawal is doing for The Women of Hebron You can do so here


Hibo Wardere, FGM awarness.

Hibo is a true Lioness when advocting for femals . She has done so much for raising the awraness of FGM. You can listen to Hibo's story here:

Fiona Broadfoot, Build a Girl.

This is Fiona, Me, and some of the girls from the Build a Girl project. They wanted to meet me after I said “The Mandem” during my presentation. Fiona is a sex trade survivor and was entrenched in the violent world of prostitution. Fiona and is constantly fighting to raise awareness around this as well as working front line on her Build a girl project. Fiona and I have BIG plans…so watch this space.

You can read more about Fiona here:


Dr Ava Kanyeredzi, Violence against  women: Race, Culture and Gender

If you look up any of the speakers then make it Dr Kanyeredzi.

Her talk on the impact of the black British women she studied and worked with who had experienced violence and abuse was amazing. Ava was able to make her studies relatable to many sitting in the hall and I could have listened for hours.

Dr Kanyeredzi's book Race, Culture, and Gender  can be found here: (If anyone wants to get me a copy for my birthday I wont say no!)

Jessica Eaton, Legend

What can I tell you about this woman other than she is a legend! She only got to speak briefly about her research findings around Victim blaming, but it was enough to make the whole audience sit up and take note. Listening to Jessica speak about that within her finding’s women put the blame of rape with other women… people were shocked, angry and glued to Jessica’s findings. You can follow Jessica on twitter here:

Jessica is the founder of Victim focus and you can join the cause here:

Kate Smurthwaite, Comedian and Activist

Kate made me feel at home from the start to the finish of Filia. Kate was the opening speaker and she was so Raw, truthful, and full of passion that I knew at 10:30 in the morning that this was the place for me. I finished the evening watching Kate doing some stand-up comedy and it was epic! My blog that mentions Kate “My first feminist conference” (read here: ) Received more hits than any one of my blogs EVER!!

You can follow Kate on twitter here:

Find links to Kates up coming shows all over the UK here:

FiLia 2018 online magazine


On top of all the food, amazing speakers, artwork, entertainment, information given and homemade Jamaican patties …FiliA also managed to squeeze out a magazine featuring all the speakers and more!! You can read this online at

Here is a clip of WAST: Women Asylum Seekers Together. If you follow or like anything on Twitter this week then make sure it is WAST! Listening to these women singing about what they have suffered was truly humbling and something I will remember for a long time. Many of these women have face abuse that no human should suffer yet they are still returned to the country and to the hands of their abusers! This should not be happening in 2018! 

Follow WAST on Twitter here:

There are so many more people I need to mention, and I will. Watch this space.

Here is a list of useful contacts and information. Please contact us if you would like your info added on this page:


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Not Buying It was set up in 2016 by women and men, mums and dads, campaigners, writers, journalists, educationalists & mental health professionals. We are challenging the porn and sex trade and their normalising because of the huge harm associated with this. And we are using equality law to say 'Times Up' to men buying women.


Southall Black Sisters founded in 1979 addresses the needs of Black (Asian & Caribbean) women empowering them to escape poverty & violence

Biggest global march of women to end male violence against women and girls. Get ready Be ready Stay ready! join us Sat 9th March 2019