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“Best training, I have had in 14 years of service”   Participant in PCSO training   


The likes of yourself and junior are heroes. Literally saving lives every minute of everyday. Your presentations are empowering and real so thank you.


"Thank you so much for the training session that you delivered here in Gravesham last Friday. It was amazing! I’ve been working in Community Safety for over 25 years and attended and arranged quite a few training sessions during that time. I can’t recall any other session following which literally everyone I’ve seen who attended has told me ‘that was the best training I’ve ever been on’ (including the Police Officers in the audience!) " Strategic Manager, Community Safety

A bloody mazing! 


“Outstanding presentation”

Andy Pendlebery Margate task Force


“ I could have had an all-day input and learned so much more”

Dave, Police officer


“Fascinating; Excellent delivery from a knowledgeable trainer. Needs to be delivered to more practitioners”


“ I wish Kendra could have spent a whole day teaching and enlightening us about gangs. The presentation was the most powerful I have ever received in my career”

 Participant in PSCO/Margate police training