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#ICU spoken word – Let it speak to your soul.

I have so much to say about this blog, this spoken word. But I will leave that for another time. I had this whole thing planned out…telling you about a man and his words. But na…its not needed

His name is Leon Helsby. We have never spoken in our lives. Yet…we have the same hope. I have never looked this man in the eye, but I know if I did I would see a kindred spirt. I would see ghosts dancing in his eyes. I would know that once…no one saw him. We may never meet but just so you know Leon….ICU

If you have ever wondered what the #ICU campaign is…or if you should take part…. then listen to this… read the words… And we will see you on the 14/2/21

Because this is what #ICU is all about

When I think of all the faces I’ve seen

All the eyes lost in the spaces between

The misunderstood

the dejected

The lost with dreams rejected

Mistakes dissected


Tallied up and counted

All good things discounted

With no attention given to the real narrative

When I think of the fighters battling demons daily and winning

Dragons slayed, bills paid, the courage to start again every single day

Let down as you are by those in power

Widening and deepening the scars

Thinking This soon will pass

Yes this soon will pass

For the kids without voices

Locked away and sent away

never again to darken societies doors again

Tranquillised in the ATU’s

Thrown away

Prone restraint

White walls

Locked doors

Last breaths

Unexplained deaths

Parents blamed

Forgiveness and everlasting understanding given to the state

Lessons learned mate

Lessons learned

The failure is collective

It’s ours

We never found a solution

Something better the right kind of salve

So for all those bodies rolled away unavenged

For those that drift through school unnoticed

Head down Just trying to get through this now

and those that wield power with impunity

Kids should get immunity

cuz too much scrutiny seems brutal to me

Like Dashing a dream before it’s even been dreamt up

For those still holding on to the belief that they were meant for something better and can still achieve

For those forgotten behind the scenes

Alone behind the screens

Still dreaming their dreams

While the world creaks, Shakes and buckles at the seams

I see you

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