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Last blog ever?


I am gonna be real with you all, this may be my last blog. Not because I want to stop writing…. more that people aint going to like what I am about to say. But I am going to say it anyway. Why? Because someone has to I guess.

So, I think people are aware that I feel quite strongly about people denying there is an issue with Gangs and CSE. Very strongly. You know why? Because if there is a gang or CSE issue in your area or any area and you deny it then children will d and get R. How can we the adults and professionals keep the children and young people safe from gangs and CSE if we deny it is there. Here is a question for every single person to think about.

Our children and young people are the ones out there, they know there is a gang and CSE problem. So, if we say that it is not true or not an issue…when they can see it with their own eyes and experience it daily…how can they have any confidence in us as parents, adults, professionals, and practitioners to help them. When we deny its even true?

But that not what gonna get people angry at me. This is.

Here is the link to a news report. Police warn Grammer school

It is staying that there IS a gang’s problem in Thanet. I did have 2 other news reports on here. Both stated that there is no Gangs or CSE problem in Thanet and both were published recently. I had the links on this blog. A good friend just 4 minutes ago advised me to take them out. So, I have. But go google them… won’t take you 5 minutes to find them.

So here is my concern. And please tell me if I am wrong or being out of order…. or just saying what a lot of people might be thinking. The other reports (the ones have not added) they talk about gang and CSE issues in the area and the effect on schools. The local schools. Some of these schools have a high percentage of working class students. Like myself and my children. People have been speaking out, including myself, stating there is an issue and whilst it has not been directed at any one school, it has very much been focused on the “Working class” schools. The schools with a high percentage of free school meals. The schools that have a lot of SEN students. The schools that are struggling. The schools that have a higher level of deprivation around them. The schools that may have to make sure some of  their students have had a meal that day.

And big old rows have bruck out over it. People kicking off stating that this is wrong. That there is not an issue, that people are over reacting. My goodness, there was even someone saying that county lines is not an issue!!!!

The news article I have added…. that’s a grammar school. A very good school. A high achieving school. A select school. You have to pass an exam to enter. It’s a school that people aspire to go to. I like the school.

But…now …weeks and days later after it was said that there was no big issue. That things were not that bad……now people are going “Oh goodness, gang issue at this school…shocking. We must do something”.

I have been tagged, messaged and called since the article went out. Some people are telling me too look because they have believed what I have been saying for the past 5 years about the gang and CSE issues in Thanet. Some people are contacting me about it because its more evidence in what I have been saying. And some people are contacting me and saying “Wow, people were angry and denying it when it was the other schools but now it’s a grammar school people want to listen”.

Now, some could say that is cynical. I have read lots over the past year, from all over the UK, where people are saying that if the gangs and CSE issues affected the middle class young people then more would be done. That if the gang and CSE issue started directly affecting those above, the people in powers children THEN things would change. Some people have said.

Some people could think that its CRAZY to think that days ago and in fact over the past few months, there has been a full-on debate if there is an issue in the area…please go back and read some of my blogs…you will see.

Then… “police warn that a student will be stabbed to death in the next year”. If only someone had called that earlier. If only someone..I don’t know…say a person who knows about this stuff, watched it from the inside out…if only they had seen this coming, started warning people and even when she/he was ignored and even silenced at times, they continued to raise awareness. Even going as far to educate and builed links with as many professionals as possible to offer advice and support when needed. That would have been good. I have just had an idea…schoosl should get a support worker to mentor those affected by gangs and CSE…right in the school,so the young people could access them 247! I know I know…. the mentor could educate all the staff at school around this issue! We could call them. Oh I don’t know….Gangs and CSE interventions manager seems a good title…we could listen to them when they say there is an issue instead of ignoring them, seeing as they are working on the front line with the said young people. Picking up the pieces, listening to their fears, telling them that they believe that they are at risk from gangs…..

I’m gonna end (maybe for good) with this…look at this headline from the article we are talking about…

“Police warn top grammar school headmaster that one of his pupils will be stabbed to death in next year as gangs recruit middle-class children in smart uniforms to become drugs mules”

Rah! Let me rewrite that for them

“Police warn ALL schools in Thanet that one of their pupils will be stabbed to death in next year as gangs recruit middle-class children, lower class children, upper class children…in fact ..any child at all. They can be in smart uniforms or no uniform and be recruited to become drugs mules…because the gangs aint fussy about who they destroy.”

That’s better….

Catch in the next blog….hopfully. Peace x

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