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The special K challenge 2019….

positive vibes only

The special K challenge….

Happy new year! We are only hours in and I am already feeling that 2019 is going to eventful. I have already done something I never thought I would…

Anyway…. THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION! Yep that’s right, so look lively because I need you!

I wrote my last blog on 2018 and posted it. The blog was me showing my love and respect for those who have been part of my journey of 2018. I choose people I was thankful for…grateful for and Blessed to have in my life.

The fed back I have been getting is amazing. Lots of people coming straight back at me letting me know the things they are grateful for….and it got me thinking…. We need to start 2019 the way we mean to go on…positive vibes only.

The Special K challenge.

So here is what I need you to do. I want you to post on social media naming 3 things or people that you are thankful, grateful, and blessed for and why. For example, mine would be:

I am thankful for my friend Junior because he wants me to be the best me, I can be.

I am grateful for my home because it is a place to feel safe and loved and some people don’t have that.

I am blessed to have my 3 children because life would be empty without them.

I then want you to tag 3 people and ask then to do the same.

And then every day until the 15th of January I want you to post 3 things that you are Thankful, grateful, and blessed for,

This will run for 15 days (Until the 15th of Jan).

Imagine it…if you will…15 days of positive.

Lets start the year on a high and with big love.

Kendra x

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