Parents/careers workshops on Gangs and CSE:

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Parents and careers have a powerful role to play in keeping their children and young people safe. Parent workshop includes powerful presentation on girls’ roles in Gangs, Child Sexual Exploitation, and County Lines.


Our workshops include Interactive learning sessions, Practical advice and guidance if they have concerns for their children and young people and information pack to leave with. Many parents are unaware of what life may be like for their children and this workshop is both informative and thought provoking. These workshops empower parents/careers Parents.

Once parents/careers have completed workshops they will a deeper understanding of:

  •   What girls’ roles are in Gangs.
  •   Child sexual exploitation and girls
  •   Warning signs at home 
  •   Understanding the structure of gangs
  •   Why children and young people end up in gangs
  •   What can I do as a parent/career
  •    What to do if my child goes missing
  •  The law on child harbouring.
  •  Support groups

All participants will have access to trainer after workshop via email for ongoing support and advice