Welcome to Out of the Shadows Presentation and Speakers

 Out of the Shadows offer the opportunity of motivational and thought-provoking presentations that will educate and inspire audiences. Speakers deliver real life accounts that create a long-lasting connection with the audience with the aim to improve practitioners understating of gangs and exploitation.
These presentations are bespoke to the client needs. This ranges from an hour presentation for a single keynote speaker to large scale training with one or more speaker and training (see practitioner training section).

Our courses are bespoke to your needs and can be a combination of the following:



Understanding Gangs through the eyes of a female


Girls in gangs are not new, and they are not going away. As professions we need to know what is really going on for our children and young people who are exposed to street gangs. Our presentations and training can cover the following:

  • Gangs in the local community.
  • Girls in gangs, is this new?
  • History of gangs.
  • Language and structure.
  • Child sexual exploitation and Gangs through the eyes of a female.
  • Serious case reviews.
  • Real life case studies.
  • Gangs, Exploitation, and the impact on mental health.
  • Why Children and young people affiliate with gangs.
  • Triggers.
  • Myth Busting.
  • What can we do?




Child Sexual Exploitation

Gangs and exploitation go hand in hand. Child sexual exploitation is something that can happen both in and out of that arena. It is important that we recognise the early and warning signs and have the tools and knowledge to react to this. Our presentations and training can cover the following:

  • Early signs.
  • What is CSE?
  • How common is it?
  • Signs of Grooming.
  • Grooming models and how they are used.
  • What is consent?
  • Serious case reviews.
  • The role of the female in a gang.
  • Who is at risk?
  • What happens when professionals don't listen.
  • Breaking the cycle.
  • Why some young people won't speak out?
  • Short- and long-term impact of CSE.

Combined packages of Gangs, exploitation and CSE are available and this is advised.


Please be aware that our Presentations and training are based on real life experiences and this can be upsetting for some individuals.



Please contact us to discuss your needs and get your quote.