Staff training



Staff training on Gangs, Child Sexual Exploitation, County lines and Trafficking can be a very powerful tool to support and help the children and young people you are working with and to gain a deeper understanding of some of the challenges these young people face on a daily basis. This staff training can be part of inset days and twilight sessions.

Once you have completed this training your staff will:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of gangs, CSE, County Lines and human trafficking. 
  • Have an insight of Gangs and CSE from a street level perspective 
  • Understand the structure of gangs 
  • Have an understanding of why some children and young people may affiliate with gangs. 
  • Understand the role of the female of gangs including initiation, exploitation and grooming 
  • Expert guidance in looking for and understanding warning signs 
  • A better awareness of how to support children and young people 
  • Deeper understanding of CSE and its victims



Training will include:

  • Presentation with real life case studies.
  • What does a gang member look like?
  • What are the warning signs? 
  • Girls in gangs 
  • Structure and activities of a gang 
  • Social media, music and language children and young people may use 
  • What can we do?
  • Why information sharing is vital 
  • What are county lines
  • Strategies to help those already involved with gangs 
  • Safeguarding


All staff leave with a pack of information including further reading ideas, helpful links, useful resources, email access to trainer and links to further training.

Training options:

Key speaker for event

Half day training

Full day training

Training over 1 or more days