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Domestic Abuse: But I never beat you….

Domestic Abuse: But I never beat you….

It has taken me a long time to realise that we need to talk about domestic abuse in a raw manner. Yes, lots of people talk about domestic abuse and violence, but we only really hear the extremes it can go to when someone is killed, or a child is seriously injured. Let me rephrase that…. when a child is seriously injured physically. Because all children suffer significant harm when they witness domestic abuse and violence on any level. I will forever stand by the fact that I believe that any person who is a perpetrator of domestic abuse and violence and displays this in front of a child should be formally charged with child abuse. Even if they never lay a finger on the child.

When On Record approached me and asked me to give an interview after reading my blogs, I was not sure.

Why would anyone want to hear what happened to me?

My experience of domestic abuse and violence, just like many children growing up in a household where violence is present, is an isolating experience. You can’t/don’t talk to anyone about it as a child and it can be too hurtful to speak about with the other people involved. It’s something that a lot of children carry into adulthood, like a big weight on their back, and just sort of try to unpack it along the way. Which is sometimes a reason why the children of domestic abuse end up in similar relationships as a n adult.

The interview your about to watch is raw. I didn’t mean to talk in such a deep way, it just happened. And I am glad that it did. Because its no longer a secret. Each time I speak about the domestic abuse around me its like I get to unpack a bit more in a safe environment.

So …. here is my interview with On Record…..But I never beat you….

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