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Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services offer a vast range of benefits for being safeguarding compliant, bespoke policy and procedures, audits and reviews and independent advice and guidance. We work closely with your organisation to understand their capacity to respond to safeguarding. 




The Out of the Shadows consultancy have specialism in different areas such as exploitation, safeguarding practice, youth work, safeguarding in and education and supporting vulnerable adults and offer a range of benefits to organisations such as bespoke policy and procedures and independent advice and guidance.

Our consultancy plan always starts with a 1:1 meeting to ensure that we are the right match for your consultancy needs. You will always be provided with updates and consultations throughout our work and recommendations will be suggested throughout and at the end of the consultant. At the end of our consultancy journey with you, we will have the final meeting where we bring everything together and take you through what we have found during our assessment including recommendations and advice on how you can implement these.

Our consultancy service, as are all our services, are bespoke and tailored to each project.  Our expertise are in developing toolkits, handbooks, audits, and deep dive of safeguarding files.

Our Consultancy Services Include:

·        Safeguarding Handbooks

·        Toolkits for children and young people 

·        Independent Safeguarding Investigations

·        Deep Dive File and Record Reviews

·        Policy and Procedures

·        Safeguarding Accountability and                                 Transparency

·        Safeguarding Facilitation/Training Days

·        Safeguarding Audits and review 

·        Training needs Analysis

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