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We get so much amazing feedback from the work that we do that we decided to dedicate a whole page to it!

 I have been a Detective for most of the last 16 years working in serious/complex/major crime and currently work in child abuse where I supervise a team of investigators.  I’ve seen a lot of ruined lives, more deaths than I care to remember and too much misery but I’ve rarely been moved to tears.  This is the most impactful training I’ve ever attended.  I badly need my team to see this because it will open their eyes.  Are there future dates for this session to be repeated?


Kind regards,




DS Safeguarding Investigation Unit

I just wanted to tell you personally how much I valued this training, I have never been so absorbed in a training day before, it was equal parts interesting, engaging and horrifying.

The insight, relaxed delivery, accessible information and it did
exactly what it said- gave a child's powerful perspective.
Kendra has a great way of speaking

I've literally just got home from todays conference and I had to send you a message to say thank you for your talk.  It was unbelievably powerful and I think your statement of "do you hear me now?" will remain with me as I continue my career and as I seek to protect my children as they grow.

I thought I’ll give you an email as I just watched the hidden girls. You don’t know me and I don’t know you but if I be honest you have given me some hope watching that program. That someone who’s been through similar stuff then I have has now got a business and kids. Honestly you should be proud of yourself. I hope I turn out to be at least half a women you have become.

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