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Parents and carers have a powerful role to play in keeping their children and young people safe.

Parent/Carer workshops can cover many safeguarding subjects including exploitation, county lines and a powerful presentation on girls’ roles in Gangs, Child Sexual Exploitation 

and County Lines.


Our workshops include Interactive learning sessions, practical advice and guidance if they have concerns for their children and young people and an information pack to leave with.


Many parents are unaware of what life may be like for their children and this workshop is both informative and thought-provoking. These workshops empower both parents and carers.

All participants will have access to the trainer after the workshop via email for ongoing support and advice.

Image by Ricardo Moura
Support Group
Support Group

Services available to parents:

Advice and support line


-CSE/CEE Basic Awareness Training

-Protecting My Child from Intrafamilial Abuse

- Exploitation :Through the Eyes Of The Child


Group Work Shops:

-County Lines

- Females And Exploitation

- Understanding The Structure of Gangs

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