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A ray of Sunshine..

People often say that my blogs are very heavy or show the dark side of gangs, child sexual exploitation and county lines. In my defence, there is often not I can write about that is fun and giggles. But…I do see where people are coming from. And then, as if the gods heard the pleas…this happens.

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Now, I didn’t see this in person. If I did, I would have probs actually screamed with delight. I saw it on Twitter with this caption: “We have arrived in Chatham with our advan raising public awareness of the issue of county lines. This is a crime where drug gangs exploit vulnerable people in rural areas. #CountyLines #chatham

Chatham is not very far from where I work. I am working in a place where people still dare to debate if gangs and CSE is an issue…and Crimstoppers are out here ignoring all that rubbish and driving this around!!!

“DRUG GANGS ARE EXPLOITING IN YOUR AREA”. Just like that. Boom. Have some of that. I honestly can not express how much I love this…… What …20ft high sign. Because you know what that sign says to me…that sign says, “We see you exploiting our kids and we are going to do something about it”.

The bit under that says “Speak out, tell us what you know. 100% Anonymous. Always”. I am not joking, If I could get hold of the person that wrote that I would squeeze their little faces off because I love it so much. You know why? Them little words just gave our young people hope! 100% Anonymous. Always!!!

Imagine…if you will…you are a young person in trouble, but you don’t know what to do. You’re out, walking along, maybe even with your perpetrator…. And you see a giant 20-foot sign with all this on it.

Its like saying …yer…we see you. We don’t know who we need to reach, but we know someone needs our help.

Then they just throw in the GIANT phone number for good measure.

I have absolutely no data on any of this, but I reckon that this poster driving around is going to have an extremely positive impact on people speaking out.

You know what else.

All the little “gang bangers” and “top boys” in the area…..well…shit just got real for ya didn’t it. Because we see you and we know what your doing…and we are going to claim our children and young people BACK. How about that!!!

So Crimstopers Eastern…when you coming to Thanet? Because we got lots of drug gangs that need a shake-up in our area?……

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