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A women’s worth…


I had a nice little blog being written up this afternoon. I was going to speak about the good things going on. It was the last day of term today and I had this nice blog about some of the young people I work with. Then I see the murder of Natalie Connolly everywhere. AT first I thought I had read it wrong. So I read it again. A man killed his partner in the Home and he only got 3 years and 8 months….na…. You can read the shocking account by clicking Here.

I have never really understood why anyone wants to inflict pain on another living creature, especially for sexual gratification. I have also never understood why people would want to be hurt for sexual gratification. But, like many things, just because I don’t understand it does not mean that I don’t accept that is what people do. I get that people have sexual desires that maybe I don’t really agree with or understand.

But when a man hurts a woman so badly that she dies and then says it was consensual…. what kind of madness is that!!!

John Broadhurst murdered Natalie Connolly. She leaves behind a family and most importantly a 10-year-old child. And he gets 3 years and 8 months!!!

What is this saying to women out there who have to live through this kind of trauma every day? The courts have just basically said that if its “Consensual” then you will do 4 years. IS that where we are at as a society. If a man kills a woman and says “She wanted it” …that’s it.

I watched my mum be beaten and much more for years. I hear the words “You are asking for it” being said to her over and over.

Well I never heard her ask for it. Not one fucking time.

Natalie is dead. So, who the fuck is saying that it was consensual? Did she say that she wanted to be battered inside and out and then left to die? Because if she did, even if that’s what she said, he should still get life in prison because you can’t just leave another human to die. You can’t just go to bed whilst someone is dying!!!

So, this “Rough sex” he speaks off. The excuse as to why he inflicted 40 injures on this woman…. who says that is OK? Rough sex…. don’t make me laugh. What he did was abuse. He killed her and left her to die and when It says she was heavily bleeding in the newspaper report you can bet you last pound that she was bleeding from EVERY part of her body. And he did that to her. And he left her to die.

Natalie was 26 years of age. She has a 10-year-old daughter who now has no mother and no doubt will read all about the horrific way in which her mother was murdered when she is older. Natalie suffered 40 different injuries! And these injuries include:

  1. Serious internal trauma.

  2. A fractured eye socket

  3. Facial wounds

  4. And was bleeding heavily.

Now, I don’t know about any of you readers but me personally, I have suffered internal Trauma. Not serious internal trauma but internal trauma. I know the pain that rushes through your body as you feel your about to rip apart. Natalie must have been in so much pain, if she was still conscious at this part, and she must have been petrified.

Opening the trial, the prosecutors told the Jury that “Whatever may have started willingly, there is no way that Natalie either consented to or was able to consent to what John Broadhurst did to her after that, leading to her untimely, unseemly and tragic death”

Well that sounds like bludclart murder to me!!!!

Nimco Ali, Co-Founder of the Daughters of Eve charity said, “Women are not objects for men’s sick fantasies and this sentence is a joke”. Damn straight. What chance do we as women have of ending the violence against girls and women whilst such cases are still happening.

Broadhurst said that he did not think Natalie would come to harm when he left her to go to bed. With her shattered eye socket, serious internal trauma, facial wounds, and heavy bleeding. He did not think she needed help when he left her laying at the bottom of the stairs. Yet he claims that he had moved in with her and had a loving relationship. Is that how you treat someone you love. Scrap that…is that even how you treat someone you hate…. Mash them up for your own sexual perversion and then leave them slowly to die?

Jurors were previously told that Broadhurst may have wanted to “Teach Natalie a lesson” and “Lost it” after finding out she had been sending topless pictures to another man on social media. Why the fuck is that even being spoken about!!! Who cares what she was sending to who. And why is language like “Teach Natalie a lesson” even being used in a court of law. There is NO justification for what he has done. All that matters is that his actions lead to her death. No one gives a fuck that she sent nudes. And. If you don’t like it then leave her init. Not spray bleach in her face. Or inflict “Dreadful” blunt-force injuries to her head, buttocks, and breast. THEN spraying bleach in her face.

Just leave. Go. Why did you need to kill her?

Broadhurst denied murder and claimed he only hurt Natalie “Within the boundaries of her masochistic desires”. The court heard that the couple were “In the habit” of having BDSM sex. And…so what. Just like the pictures…what has got to do with her murder. What level of harm actually has to happen to a women sexually …what level of internal trauma….what kind of pain has to be suffered  for the courts to say “Yes, she may have liked BDSM sex, but breaking her eye socket and spraying bleach in her face and then killing her…that’s murder”. Why does it matter what her sexual preferences were!! He killed her. He battered her inside and out and left her to die….no one cares about any of this other stuff.

The Judge said, during sentencing, “You left that vulnerable young women to die in the saddest and most avoidable of circumstances. You showed blatant disregard for a very drunk and injured women” “Instead of getting Natalie the medical help she needed, you chose to go to bed and sleep instead”.

The judge passing sentence said that. So why did he get less than 4 years? Why did he not get life? He caused injury that led to someone’s death and. So why would he get less than 4 years?

Here is the best bit…. here is the icing on this sick and twisted cake. This is the bit where you think it can’t get any worse…

The judge has ruled that he will do half the sentence in prison and then the other half at home on licence. That’s what a women’s life is worth. 3 years and 8 months. Half in prison and half out …living his life. That’s what the court is saying her life is worth.


I am asking every reader to stand together and say ……No more! That this case must be reviewed, and he must be charged with Murder.

Filia have created a way for us to do this. Click Here for the link of where you must write to and tell those in power that we will not just sit back and let this happen. Filia have even constructed a letter that you can just print and send. Below is  a copy of what Filia posted:

If you believe the brutal murder of a woman deserves more than 3 years, 8 months in prison, write to the Attorney General to demand an appeal. You have only 28 days to register this complaint. You can send a letter by post to:

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC 5-8 The Sanctuary london SW1P 3JS

or via e mail to:

If you need any help with wording, please cut, paste, amend and make the following your own and please share:

FAO Geoffrey Cox I am writing to you to reconsider both the charge (manslaughter by gross negligence, rather than murder) and the subsequent sentencing of only 40 months of John Broadhurstat Birrmingham Crown Court. following his brutal killing of Natalie Connolly. Not only did she received over 40 injuries, but she was also callously left to die when perhaps medical intervention could have saved her life. The so called mitigation of ‘rough sex gone wrong’ sets a dangerous precedent to excuse extreme violence against women. I therefore believe that this sentence is unduly lenient. I ask that this case is referred to the court of appeal.

I have just emailed mine…..

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