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Blondy’s People … Charlie B

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Here we are….at episode 20. Blondy’s people started out as something that I decided to do for me to cope with Lockdown and has developed into so much more than that.  We have a few more episodes left and then we will see if people are listening to what I am trying to say.

Today’s episode is audio only.

We have heard from people from all walks of life with Blondy’s people and have covered many subjects. We have looked at exploitation, gangs, prison, education, domestic abuse and violence, sexualisation of women to name but a few.

I have spoken to people including vicars, social workers, survivors, activist, professionals, pod-casters, YOT workers, Sen support and feminists. I have asked them what needs to change and what is next.

Today I want to introduce you to Charlie.

Gang culture is something that Charlie knows too well and is something that he deals with on a daily basis. He wanted to speak out and talk about the impact that street life has on mental health.

He needs no blog. Its time to see who listens to these Blondy’s people posts…..really listens….

Just sit down and listen to the voice of the street. #blondyspeople

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