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Blondy’s People….Kimberley Lamb


Welcome to episode 5 of Blondy’s People……. Where do I start……Kimberley Lamb.….The voice for marginalised  communities….the women who came from the endz and is not afraid to say that ….one of the Queens (As far as I am concerned) of safeguarding children and young people from gangs, youth violence  and exploitation and as I say in our  video…I am not worthy of the interview. It was like talking to an inspirational goddess and I just wanted to hug…it was also talking to someone I have known for ever……

Kimberley Lambis one of Blondy’s people for two reasons. If Blondy had known about Kimberly I hope she would have seen the things that Kimberly had achieved and would have thought “I want to be like that”. I believe that the authenticity that oozes from Kimberly would have had a strong impact on her. The second reason is because IF there had of been a Kimberly Lamb in Blondy’s life and the VERU (Violence and exploitation reduction unit)that Kim heads had been in place in SW London….I don’t think that Blondy would  have been referred to as a “Child prostitute” in any meeting that Kimberly Lamb attended. In fact,…I think that if Kimberly had been in said meeting then  that would have been the last time those words were spoken….Kimberley don’t play ya know…I also hope that  Kimberly would have seen that Blondy was both a preparation and a victim and needed help not criminalisation.

Flash forward a good few year to today and if I am honest….me right now as Kendra……I still want to be like Kim when I grow up. She amazes me with her grace. She has no idea just how epic she is. Not a clue. You can see the bashfulness in Kimberly with some of the questions I asked her.

Her work within the Bedfordshire VERU saves lives. Let me repeat that


She believes all the things I do. She talks my talk and oh my …she walks my walk. I tell you one thing…certain people best hope lock down don’t end any time soon because I have found a kindred spirit in Kimberly…as I hope she has in me….And we may just have to team up and do some bits. And I’m not sure the country is ready for that.

Anyway…watch our video. One take and all that. Follow…share….and spread the word that Kimberly Lamb has stepped out as one of Blondy’s people…..Long live the Queen!

When I asked Kimberly what she would like to say about herself she was taken aback. It was like I was the first person that had asked her that. And that’s why you will fall in love with her all over again when you see what Kimbeley Lamb has to say about herself….

Home Is Where The Heart Is❤️

For who hath despised the day of small things?

Zechariah 4:10(KJV)

Kim home

How amazing that such an humble abode can harvest such promise, hope & belief!🌅

Let me introduce you to my childhood Home!!🌇😊

Right back then when our wonderful ‘garden’ was a very small balcony …☝️exactly as you see in the picture.

And on our best playout days, when my Gran was less paranoid about protecting our ‘Lego beast🇯🇲’ status…& after we’d done our housework… AND read a good book of course lol…We also had the further grandeur of that same playground👌. As well as true bonafide estate friends to play with & get up to mischief with. Those were the days!

Those council flats & it’s stories both hopeful & dark was home to us… That’s mainly all we knew.

Our Grandmother (Mummy) & Granddad (Daddy) would swear down that despite our start in life, one of us would make it as the 1st Black Prime Minister lol

So our daily trips to our local school was made with our shoulders held firmly back & our heads held high✊🏾

Because neither she nor us, for that matter felt that anything was unachievable….regardless of the situations at the time.

Throughout the years she taught me & my siblings about God, faith, belief,importance of education, resilience, forgiveness, strength & how to turn our hand to anything. Because nothing, in her mind..nothing!…was beyond our reach…as long as WE wanted it badly enough & was prepared to pray hard & work for it!

Life on The Estate wasn’t all light & fluffy for all, of course it wasn’t…but it gave us a good basis/foundation to dream from just like Mummy said we should….& bwoy did we. When you live around someone for as long as we did, your hearts begin to share, entwine & talk to one another❤️

As a consequence nobody on earth could tell me that my dreams had to be confined to approx. 3x2mtr council estate balcony …nobody!✋

Let me tell you, amongst lots of tragedy #LetsKeepItReal…..great stuff & great people came out of that estate. And I’m sure still does✊

There are people who I look up to now who probably don’t even know it!! I look up to them for many reasons

…some not so obvious😌

Mummy saw things, knew things, held things & was one of the wisest woman I know. And I will always thank her from the bottom of my heart for the time we shared together in her last days🙏 I also thank my now Husband & his family for their unwavering support during that time.

Her truths & faith have held me strong & in good stead till this day🙏

So I tell you my friends do not despise the day of small beginnings….No matter what it looks like now, God has a plan for your life….Simply believe & trust the process #TryHim

And that….my friends….are the words of a true Queen…

You can follow Kimberly on Twitter HERE and the amazing Beds VERU HERE

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