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Blondy’s People …. Luke Goldie-McSorley


I have done lots of work in Essex and have always been blown away by the good work I have seen going on. I was introduced to Essex by Junior Smart who told me that I HAD to be part of what they were doing. So, I did, and it was epic. Out of that I made friends along the way and have continued to follow them on Twitter and such.

I have followedSolution focused Brief Therapy Essex  (SFBT) for a while because this kind of intervention is something that I swear by. Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) places focus on a person’s present and future circumstances and goals rather than past experiences. In this goal-oriented therapy, the symptoms or issues bringing a person to therapy are typically not targeted. I have spent a lot of time looking at this kind of intervention and have wondered why it was never used with me as a child. I found that the SFBT Essextwitter page gave me a lot of info on understanding the therapy and also things I could use with the young people I work with. During this time, I noticed that a man named Luke Goldie- McSorley was putting these videos out each week talking about inspirational thoughts and feelings. I shared them many times and was mightily impressed.

When I sent out this year’s#ICU you campaign, I got a notification to say I had been tagged in a post. I had a look and low and behold there was Luke talking about little old me!!!! He spoke about the fact that he had supported #ICU the last few years and how important he felt it was. I watched Luke’s contribution to the movement where he said that his #ICU were to all the young people who were only ever seen and recognised by the things they were involved in. ….things that people are making them involved in….the things that people are leading them into….That people use this negative language around such young people

Luke then went on to say that he has an unwavering belief that the views these young people as their best self. Their future self. The person they are about to become. Luke said he wants the young person to believe who they REALLY are…not all the negative stuff that may be happening to and around them. Luke says that we have to remember that best self in the young people we work with even in their darkest moments.

It took me by surprise to hear these words from a social worker. It made me nod and think wow…. I wonder what my life would have been like growing up if I had a social worker like Luke. One that didn’t look at me like I was dirty, one who didn’t roll their eyes when I came to the office. One who my best self always.

And because of that Luke is one of Blondy’s people. We made a video…. obviously…and I have to tell you its one of may favourite videos. Luke even tells me how he will make hope cool again…and you know what…. I think he is right. So, watch the video…follow SFBT Essex on twitter and get your weekly fix of inspiration. Luke has also written a chapter in a book, The Solution Focused Approach with Children and Young People Current Thinking and Practice. By Denise Yusuf, that explains and promotes what Solution focused brief therapy is  and you can purchase it HERE  ( I ordered mine and will get no work done for a few days when I read it cover to cover)

So please enjoy episode 2 of Blondy’s people, share and share again…  and  I look forward to sharing the next one….

You can follow Solution Focused Brief Therapy on Twitter HERE

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