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County lines exploited, excluded from school and murdered – special report

If you do anything today, make sure you take time out to watch what I can only describe as an outstanding report on the murder of Jaden Moodie. The report is overwhelming because you hear from Jaden’s cousin Fidel Ion.

Watch special report HERE

Jaden’s death, as some people may know, touched me differently. The serious case review, where it is stated that his death could not be predicted, angered me so much that I went on to base my MA dissertation around the fact that his death could have been avoided with the right intervention and a different approach from professionals. I then wrote “Why are we not still talking about Jaden Moodie?” because it felt like Jaden and other children are dying on our street and we, society are not reacting as we should…. Outraged…shouting for answers…we should be scared…angry…something.

But I felt like very little was being said and done. And it hurt.

This interview has made me stop in my tracks for a few reasons, but mainly because of the timing. I have just submitted my dissertation 10 days ago and have not felt like I thought I would. I still felt like something else needed to be said.

And then I was contacted and asked to be part of a special report for Jaden.

I had the privilege of viewing the report that Jaden’s cousin Fidel made the night before and was blown away. I sat …after I watched it… and cried. Not just for Jaden but for all the others that were permanently excluded from school, to be made to feel rejected and not wanted, for the kids that were pushed out of their school and left to the streets.

Fidel’s report is powerful on many levels. But what touched me was when he asked “Why are we not outraged” that kids are being permanently excluded and, for some, resulting in serious harm and sometimes death.

I felt like I had found someone who could hear me …was coming from the same place…. who was willing to stand up and ask the questions that needed to be asked.

The report aired on the 24/11/2020 on the 7pm channel 4 news and being part of it is one of my proudest moments. To have the opportunity to stand up and say…. No…. this is not ok….

You can watch my interview with Robert Halfon and the legend Jon Snow HERE

Its caused a bit of a stir and I have to live with the knowledge that I interrupted the epic Jon Snow!

This is the time…this is the widow of opportunity for us all to get talking about why permanent exclusions don’t work…why PRUs need more support…..and …..

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