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Cunch Line Chronicles… Lets get this taken down now!

One of my young people messaged me and said “Miss….have you seen this” and sent me a link to a game that you can download.

Cunch- line Chronicles

This is not your usual casual game!

Cunch-line Chronicles is an endless 2d runner game that moves away from the common fantasised, softcore concept and leans more towards the gritty reality of life, while keeping a comedic factor.

Satisfyingly Simple: Go for a run with just one tap! No complicated controls or buttons combos, all you need is one hand and your fastest reactions! This is perfect for lovers of hyper-casual games and hardcore gamers alike.

Urban UK In A Nutshell: Explore the urban side of London that they don’t show you in the media A Diverse Character Cast: A multicultural country deserves a multicultural cast and we’ve done just that. Explore our diverse range of characters and live life through their eyes? An Authentic Experience: Every aspect of this game is 100% authentic, so we can guarantee a truly accurate experience.”

And so this is where we are at in 2020…. That something that causes pain and suffering to many, including children, has been turned into a game and is accessible to all.

Why do me and others like me even bother to fight against county lines when things like this are being allowed in the UK.

If you go onto the game app, there is a warning of sorts saying you should not react the game in anyway. So that s ok then.

The game screen shows a white police man chasing a black male, so Southside studios LTD are not only racially profiling people but also making a mockery of the very real issues around racism not only in the UK but across the world.

You get to choose your player from either 4 black men, one white man, a white female and a black female.

You gain points by running away from the police and “Bailing yourself out” from arrest.

There are “Bonus” levels when you enter the Trap house

You have to complete so many levels to achieve “Boss man” status.

Southside studious you have suck to a new low. The level of abuse and exploitation that is involved within county lines, the children that are raped and abuses, is not something that should be made into a game of any kind.

By making this such a throw away topic is truly disgusting

Would you feel comfortable making a game based on child sexual exploitation? I hope the answer is no…and if the answer no, why then is child criminal exploitation and exploitation of vulnerable adults any different. If the answer is yes, you would make such a game…then we need to get people like this off our streets

Children can lose everything through county lines, I have seen children lose their homes because their parents are involved in county lines. I have seen children break down in front of me due to county lines. Children die because of county lines.

We need this app taken down and Southside Studios addressed for their public support of exploitation of children and vulnerable people.

The app store needs to take this down immediately and educate their staff on what county lines is and the impact it has. Daily, on many people’s lives.

I would like all of us to contact Southside studios LTD and make our feelings clear on this game. However, they seem a little shy and I can’t find them. If you look on companies’ house, there is a company registered but I don’t want to be messaging just anyone. So let’s make it our mission to find Southside Studious LTD and make them take down the app.

Please retweet and make sure you tag Apple in so that they know that this game needs to be removed from their app service

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