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Did you see what I done…..

This may be one of the shortest blogs I have ever written. But one of the most important.

So here is what I need you to do. In a moment, click the audio link below and have this playing whilst you read the rest of my blog. Don’t worry if you are at work or in a public place. Play it loud anyway.

Press play…

Maybe you have read my blogs before. Maybe not. But know this….. on paper…none of this should ever of happened. I have undertaken a MA

Can you believe that…me….some little hood rat.

Anyway, I have been trying to write my dissertation for the longest time. Being a single parent, working full time and running your own business is not recommended when trying to gain your MA. But I never have done anything the easy way.

The title of my dissertation is: “Going country” an analysis of county lines and professional interventions to safeguard children.

I wrote mostly about the failings of Jaden Moodie.

And I passed with a distinction.

I found out yesterday that I have gained my MA in Advanced Child Protection

Below is my acknowledgment page that was submitted with my dissertation ……

*Drops mic and leaves the stage


To Charlie for showing me unconditional love

To Billy for testing my unconditional love

To Amalia for helping me to understand unconditional love

To Helen Houseman who loved us all

This dissertation is dedicated to a little girl who was born into unspeakable circumstances surrounded by people who failed to protect her A child who had to navigate her way through life trying to find the path that caused her the least amount of pain possible, even though all the paths caused pain in some way.

To a little girl who was told often that she was to blame for her own exploitation and abuse. That she was letting people down and that she was no good.

To the little girl who was lost and scared but lived in a world where you could not show such things.

To the little girl who believed that no one could hear her voice

To the little girl they called Blondy

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