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Feel the impact of your own words.

The blog that I wrote on domestic abuse received a mad amount of attention. You can read it HERE.

The blog came from nowhere but also everywhere. Like many of us, this past 12 months has created a space for me to grow and reflect. Something that is very much needed. And part of that is being able to look and talk about things that occurred in my life that I have struggled to address in the past. I wrote the blog in one go. Just came pouring out of me and I posted without much thought over than I felt a lot better. Within minutes I was receiving message from people saying that my blog was a very raw account of what this kind of abuse looks like and was very much needed.

I was approached by MyPov and asked to give an interview the week before I wrote my blog. We spoke for a long time and I was nervous about what to talk about.

On the day of the interview, my thoughts on DV once again came tumbling out. Even though I often write about my past, I do not often speak actual words.

I have watched the interview back and it made me very emotional. It was like listening to someone I didn’t know almost. Being incredibly open about a very traumatic experience. Sometimes it’s useful to say the dark stuff out loud in a safe place so you can listen to it back and feel the impact of your own words.

You can view my interview HERE

Like…. I needed to hear myself say it to fully understand the impact it has had on me throughout my life.

Please watch and share the video and blog with the hope that others who have gone through or are currently subjected to abuse in their home know that they are not alone.

Thank you to MyPov for giving the platform to be the one being asked the questions for once. I didn’t realise how much I needed it.

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