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#ICU2020….8 days to go….Men matter too

8 days to go

A man who I have a lot of respect for asked me a question yesterday. He said that he has seen all the work I do and is looking forward to the upcoming #ICU2020 campaign. But he said that there is one thing that troubled him. He said that he sees me advocating for children and empowering women. He said that I often speak about strong women. But he said….” What about strong men, men that have had to face adversity to get where they are today?”

I’m not gonna lie, the question threw me because I never saw it like that. But there is truth in it. I do spend most of my time speaking out about people and …. yes…. they are usually women.

And that shocks me, because in truth, I have had the privilege of knowing many great men. The man I was talking too went on to explain his case and all his points were valid. We spoke about how single fathers who are trying their best may not necessarily get the same praise as a single mother who is also trying her best. He spoke about being overlooked when he also had to strive to succeed in life. I asked him to write me a blog. He said no that he can’t wright. That he is not good enough. I think it’s the only thing he got wrong in that conversation, because many people would befit from what he has to say. I will win him round, I mean, writing a blog is just like learning to drive…with a good teacher it can be fun but also worthwhile.

It made me think…. Just how many people out there feel like this…overlooked…ignored…. I mean…as this man also pointed out…we are ALL part of the universe; the bigger picture is that so many people deserve love and respect and acknowledgement and don’t get it. The conversation made me feel like I had been given a shake. Like, I had got to comfy in what I was doing and now I need to do more…something different.

Because of this, #ICU will have an ever deeper meaning for me this year. Yes, I will shout all those that need love on the 14th of February. The ones That I know felt like they are not being seen. But I am also going to go a little deeper and shout out those who I may have missed in the years previous. Especially the men who may act like they don’t need the big love…. but actually, really do.

#ICU2020 is  gonna be a big one that’s for sure!

There is good and bad in all people. There is strength and weakness in all people. And just because I roar a little louder than most doesn’t mean I am stronger or braver than the man next door. Yep, I am vocal about what I am thinking and feeling to some extent. I wont just stand by and see things happen and not say nothing. Its not who I am. Its not who I will ever be. So, if a man comes to me and says …actually…. It would be nice if you roar about us too and then presents a case that is watertight, I respect that. And I agree with it.

I won’t go into details about my #ICUs for 2020. Its not how its done. But my posts will be plentiful, and I am going to make sure I reach as many people as I can.

This year needs to be big. We need to make sure that no one is left feeling marginalised.

We have 8 days to go …so get thinking peeps. Who and why will be your #ICUs?

My friend gave me one last message before we said goodbye…. who may also need to remember this himself at times…. And I also know few people the last few days who need to hear this also

“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!” – Eckhart Tolle

See you all on the 14th #ICU2020 and if you are wondering what all the fuss is about then please press HERE

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