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#ICU2020 silent prayer….Thank you x


I will start as I do every year…the girl who has opened my eyes to a world that I didn’t know even existed…who has shown me that it’s ok to be different….who faces battles I wouldn’t even know how to face….my daughter…#ICU2020

For #ICU2020 we recognise the work of the many women fighting to end the sex trade #EndDemand

James Timpson:Thanks to all my colleagues who support those who are making the most of their second chance. #ICU2020

To my mum who fought her own inner demons and was the best mum she knew how to be. For bringing us 5 kids up in the way you saw fit. To my dad for being ever present. To you both for fighting your mental health battles. 11 years mum. 10 years dad. Rest in peace both #ICU2020 For #ICU2020 we recognise the brilliant work of @MillionWomenwe are proud to support the annual march and look forward to seeing you there on March 7th!

To all those unspoken heroes out there making a difference. Be that by raising a family, overcoming challenges, or supporting those in need…#ICU2020

To my daughter who constantly questions her ability and doesn’t realise how wonderful she really is! She has taught me to love unconditionally and I am so proud of the caring, kind and determined young lady she has grown to be…….I love you Faybia #ICU2020

To every child in #Warwickshire who is struggling to trust people & make new relationships when they have been a victim of #CSE. We understand & we know how hard this can be. We will not give up on connecting with you. #ICU2020 #CSEaware

To the victims of exploitation caught up in this current wave of drug fuelled violence I see you. #ICU2020

To the little girl who deals with loss and disappointment with strength and maturity…my daughter…#ICU2020

To all the women with endometriosis being dismissed and disrespected by so called professionals, I hear you, I believe you, ICU #ICU2020

Shout out to all my colleagues/partners who skip lunch, work late and go the extra mile to make sure someone is safe #ICU2020

To the girl who is about to take on her biggest challenge who has taught me what mental strength really is… #ICU2020

To all the unseen unrecognised heroes working daily to help prevent and assist victims of exploitation. I see you. #ICU2020

For all those who feel that silence is the only choice but are desperate to be heard #ICU2020

Abbie Ede Hartwell one of the strongest friends I know u are amazing 😉 #ICU2020

To all the incredibly voluntary organisations working in #Brighton & #Hove every day and night to keep vulnerable people safe when it feels like your work is relentless and thankless… thank you. Too many to mention directly, thank you again. #ICU2020

To the man who has shown resilience, compassion and strength throughout one of the toughest years of his life #ICU2020

To the one who has spent the day supporting and helping others. Stop and breathe and look after you. It’s been a hard end to the day and you deserve a break. Big love always #ICU #ICU2020

To all our volunteers who cook, wash up, care, plant veg, turn compost, share joy #ICU2020

To one of the few who have remain with me through thick and thin #ICU Jade Holland

To all those who are working their way through a journey of pain, shame, resentment & anger – realising vulnerability, gratitude & love is courage – all power to you #ICU2020

To all the people getting up every day to support our youth with limited resources and no funding #ICU #ICU2020

To the people who are facing their own demons everyday but still get up and go to work to help others face theirs #ICU2020

To those who feel misunderstood #ICU2020

To all the teachers who give their all, all day and every day, to ensure young people get the emotional support that they need. #ICU2020

To all those who do not have a voice on social media or who use that voice humbly and not for their own attention whilst serving those in need #ICU2020

To all those professionals, practitioners & volunteers within Police/LAs/schools/charities/voluntary orgs who are personally making a massive difference to the plight of #CCE families & challenging current thinking & responses – I am proud to know you.#HerosandHeroines #ICU2020

For #ICU2020 we want to recognise the women who we support, who do the best they can in unimaginable circumstances & expect to be ignored, insulted and ostracized. #ICU and will always see you as people who deserve the very best we can give.

To the young person who feels real fear whilst walking around their own neighbourhood. We want you 2 B safe& #KnifeFree. Talk to a trusted adult, thre are people who understand &can help/advise you. I C you,#ICU2020

My last #ICU2020 . To the little girl who was scared but couldn’t show it, who had to grow up or get knocked down. Who felt like things would never stop hurting. The little girl who was ignored by the right people and noticed by the wrong people. Dear Blondie…#ICU2020.

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