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#ICU21… Kendra on BBC KENT: No Gangs in Kent!

#ICU21 is about giving a voice and recognition to those that may go unnoticed at times. On the 14/2/21 We are hoping to see social media flooded with messages filled with hope so that people know that they are not forgotten and people do care.

This morning I spoke on BBC radio Kent to the epic Anna Cookson. The topic was gangs and county lines and I must say it was beyond refreshing to speak to a presenter who actually got it. Like….Anna knows what is going on out there (She will defo be getting a #ICU21)

Kent police have said that they have closed down most of the county lines in Kent and that there are no gangs in Kent. I will not bang on here why this is such a dangerous thing to say….

You can listen to the BBC Radio Kent interview here….

This is how children and young people get lost. This is how victims get forgotten. This is how families can feel so isolated.

Listen to the interview, make your own choice.

And if you agree with what I am saying then please be sure to join me on the 14/2/21 on any social media platform and say:

To the children and young people exploited across the country #ICU21

To the families of these children and young people who feel alone #ICU21

To those who fight daily to raise awareness of exploitation #ICU21

I see you

You can join the Facebook events page for #ICU21 HERE

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