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#ICU21….The year of HOPE

#ICU21 the year of Hope


It’s that time of the year again!!! And I am calling on all of you to get the message of hope to everyone on the 14/2/21.

Myself and Junior Smart came up with the context for the #ICU campaign in 2018 whilst recording a video when I spoke about the fact that I recognised those people that maybe others did not…and so the phrase ICU was created.

This year is the year of HOPE. Something I believe that we could all do with right now. A lot has changed since #ICU 2020; the world is a different place. But all this does for the #ICU campaign is make it stronger.

You can see the silent pray from last year HERE. A collection from the thousands of messages that were exchanged on social media on the 14/2/20.

The #ICU logo is something very special to me this year. It has been created by one of my sons. He created by gathering all the thousands of words that wee shard in last year’s Campaign and then the most frequently used appeared in the logo.

He warned me beforehand that he had no idea what the words would be. He came to show me a few hours later and said “Mum, your gonna like this a lot”

If you look close at the logo you will see that the most prominent and frequently used words last year were:














I felt very emotional when I saw these words, and the others with them. Because all these words are what #ICU is about

I spent a most of my child hood feeling like no one could see me …. I mean how could they be seeing me if no one was doing anything to make it better

I spent much of my teenage years convinced that for sure no one could see me

And there have been times in my adult like I have felt that no one could see the things I was going through or the things I was achieving.

Some of the examples of messages that have been shared over the years are

To the mum upstairs struggling every day to get her kids to school on her own #ICU21

To all the people trying to stay strong with every ounce of their being #ICU21

To the girl trying to make it through the day #ICU21

To all the nurses who show up no matter what #ICU21

So join us…on the 14.2.21 and share love and hope to the people that most deserve it

  1. Please spread the message

  2. Please use the hashtag

  3. Please get involved

You can get involved on Twitter, Facebook, linked, Insta…..where ever you want.

You can join the Facebook event page HERE …….lets see how many people we can get to join in this epic event.

Let’s do this people!!!!

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