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Kentucky Fried Crazy


So…I was not going to write about it. Like…I saw it and I was like na…I’m saying nothing…I’m sure plenty of people will slate it.

And I was right, lots of people have called out this waste of space stupidness. However,. I am hearing and seeing a lot of people saying they think it’s a good idea. That it’s a step forward. People whose views people listen to.

So here I am. Talking about Chicken. If you dont know what the hype is…here ..take a look #Knifefree. It’s not a joke. The Home Office are doing this…for real.

I am talking about racial stereotyping and the sad loss of lives to knife crime. That’s what I am actually talking about. But somehow, the have got us to link that with fried chicken.

I’m not going to go off on a rant about why not put ‘Don’t snort Coke’ where all the wh…hang on…. let me stop before I start to racial stereotype.

Here is something for you…something that all the people involved in this Chicken box madness. Here is a list of all the people that have died from knife crime from the 1st of January 2019 until the 14th of May 2019. Go on…. open the list HERE. Look at the pictures…. I will wait.

Did you see? That every victim was a black boy aged between say 12-25 who goes Morley’s for lunch. Did you see? Rows and rows of bad bwoys. Oh…. you didn’t see that …you saw people from all walks of life have been murdered by knife crime…

Wait….I know…They are the victims….I bet that all the people that killed them are say black males aged between 12-25 that go to the chicken shop….wait…lets go check…I will wait here.

Ok…I just clicked 10 random ones and from what I can see…the murders don’t fit the profile of what the home office is implying with their chicken box mugginess.

This is not a rant …. this is the facts. Look at the list. See what I am saying. It’s just madness.

They have taken what…. £57000 and made these boxes. For real…you people sat down, talked about this, and thought it was a good idea. No wonder people are dying on YOUR streets. You make all the cuts, not just in London, all over the country. You put pressure on schools to deal with Knife crime in a certain way. You criminalise a child, and then just put them back on road. You don’t educate. You say you don’t have the funds to get people where they need to go.

But you got £57000 for some mash up chicken box that I’m gonna have to squint to read some story about someone that don’t relate to half the people who have murdered someone in 2019 with a knife.

Trump as president…Boris running tings here and now the home office has been allowed to racial stereotype and incorrectly presume that people that eat from chicken shops are running around doing all the killing. Is this a Back to the Future film that I didn’t see the trailer for?

Serious attempt by the home office to get the message out there….. KMT

I am shocked that this has been taken as a serious attempt in anyone’s eyes. But maybe I am wrong. Maybe this is going to have a massive impact

The Guardian put it best by saying “The chicken shop knife-crime campaign would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic” Joke, Absolute joke.

The best bit. Home office are tweeting about it like its something good. They are tweeting like they changing the world. You know what they are not doing…reading the thousands of comments attached to each post telling them how stupid this is, where the money should be going…the voice of the people.

You know what, where I live in Thanet it is a mostly white area, and we have not got all these chicken shops…I don’t know if we got a Morley’s…but if we have I aint seen it (But if you have, message me and tell me where because I am all over a triple m burger) and you know what. People getting stabbed here. People are stabbing people here. And they all different colours…and ages…and sex…. So, what the hell you chatting about.

I will finish with this…. Justin Finlayson, CEO of United Borders…. The mans a truth teller…New Hero for 2019? I vote we give him the money and let him, and his team get out there and save lives. I say we all join forces with United Borders and actually do something about what is going on. You can watch his interview here and follow on Twitter Here.

I wish that I had had a greasy chicken box in my hand when I was 14 telling me #knifefree. It would have made me stop in my tracks, put down the only thing that was keeping me ‘safe’ and say ….no…I no longer need to carry a knife and then I could have just lived a normal life…sigh…

Now let me go see if I got a “Don’t hate the home office, hate the game” message printed on my white people yogurt or what ever category they be putting white blond women in.

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