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Shot in the face in pure daylight!


Ok…I am gonna be real with you. I have rewritten this blog 5 times now. I wrote it the first time and thought, Na, that’s too much. I wrote it again and thought…Kendra you are just waffling and avoiding the point. I rewrote it again and again, trying to say it so it won’t cause another kick off like my past 2 blogs.

But…I have decided that I can only be me…

So here goes… I take it that you are aware that a man was shot in the face…in pure daylight in Peckham?

Let me say that again. So that we can just fully address what I am saying.

A human… I have no interest at this point of what colour, class, creed they are. I have no interest right now if they were in a gang.

A human took out a gun in the middle of the day and shot another human in the face. Just like that. In Peckham.

I saw the video of it just after, I’m sure many people did. And that video was even more shocking. A man is laying on the floor. Blood everywhere. He is grunting, maybe trying to speak.. I have no idea. But he is laying there. You can see that half of his face is just….well…hanging there. He is panting and breathing so fast. I would imagine he has no idea what has happened and is struggling to breath. There are people around him, encouraging him to stay still and stay awake. Just people. Normal people. I actually have no idea who any of them are but I wonder how many of them had training on “What to do if someone is shoot in the face”. But they are there, trying to help. Wait…trying to save his life. Like me, in that instance, they are not concerned with the who’s or the what’s……they are not concerned if he is in a gang. Colour does not matter. From what I say in the video there was a mixture of races trying to help him.  A lady is on the phone getting an ambulance.

I wonder how many of the people helping will suffer from trauma due to that experience.

Anyway…here is the thing…Why oh why was there a video. A man was fighting for his life after being shot in the face..and someone reached for their phone and recorded it!!!! WHY??


Anyway…of course after seeing that video I rush to my TV because …of course… it will be headline news. It will be all over the news on TV.


There is a mention scrolling along the bottom about some one being attacked and hurt. But it’s not headline news.

So…just so I know that I have truly made it clear… A human shot another human in broad daylight. in Peckham. Pulled out a gun in front of a busy street and just shot another human clean in the face.

Then, whilst some people were trying to save a human’s life…whilst he is panting on the floor…making some strange moans that sound like he is trying to speak but can not because half of his face has been blown away….

Someone got out their phone and recorded it. And uploaded it to social media.

And it didn’t make headlines on any of the news on the TV that I saw.

I will leave it there.

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