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The companies and people that benefited from trying to steal food from children’s mouths shoul

Growing up, I was always free School meals. As a kid I used to wonder what most of the other kids had in the little envelopes that they handed to the lady who came round each day and took the register for school dinners. When I found out they were giving the lady money for the school dinner in the little envelope, I can still feel that sudden rush of fear, because I knew that when it was my turn to bring the envelope, my mum would most likely not have the money. My turn never came and I never brought an envelope in.

My sons received free school dinners for a long time. I worked, always, but was on a low wage for many years. I would try and encourage packed lunch, but as they got older they didn’t want to do that and there were times I also struggled to afford pack lunch each day.

It’s hard, to be a parent, and not be able to afford things. Basic things. It’s hard to get up each day and be parent for your children, knowing you have these kind of things looming over you…and doing your best to make sure it’s not impacting on your child’s wellbeing.

As a mother I have had to live on a very tight budget for a very long time. I’m not sure if my boys would remember, I will ask them, But I would often tell them that I had already eaten at dinner time. They would often sit down to eat and I would either sit also or go and wash up. If they asked where my dinner was I simply said “I ate mine already”. But the truth was, there was not enough. Not enough to go round.

I was hungry a lot growing up. Not hungry for a snack. Not craving some chips from the shop. Pain in my belly hungry. I have seen my own bother sobbing with literally pennies in front of her trying to work out how to fed us.

You have to become inventive, when you are living on a budget. Go shopping later when things are reduced. Make things that will stretch a few days. My mums trick was to put bread and butter with EVERYTHING. Big chunky slices with most meals. I know now that this was to fill me up. And is probs why I now have an intolerance to white bread lol.

I did the same. Bread and butter…lots of Mash… things that would fil the boys.

It has made me feel very low when I have been trying to fed my children on a small budget. Like I was a shit mum and should be able to do better. And don’t tell me that I should not feel like that or you can imagine ow that feels unless you have actually been there. Because unless you have…you have no clue…

To see what has been handed out to families who receive free school dinners this week is disgusting. Shocking. Criminal.

Imagine if people had not of posted pictures and shamed the government into acting…this would have just continued. Families being sent inadequate food parcels.

The question is…. Where has the rest of the money gone that has been saved by giving families inadequate food parcels?

What nasty little skanky move where people trying to pull, by taking the food out of children’s mouths…Because these companies and schools wold have received the allocated funding, they chose to try and undercut children…. some highly vulnerable children…for their own benefit.

I personally think that these people, the top people, should be held accountable in court. For Neglect. Theft.

Marcus Rushford condemns free school meal parcels as “Unacceptable” and claims that private companies have been profiting from the scheme.

And he is right.

People have taken advantage of children and families in the pandemic. The whole country is rock bottom and these companies made the decision…a conversation took place…where the decide that, for profit, they would leave children without food.

Surly that is a criminal act.

If people like @Roadsidemum had not have spoken up…they would have done this week after week. Leaving thousands of families struggling.

Surely someone needs to be held accountable. An apology is not enough.

Chartwells has apologised and admitted the parcel in question was not good enough


Who cares if there was an apology. That’s not the point. I want to know if they sat down and had a conversation where they agreed as a team to take money from children’s mouth for profit.

Noella Jones – Managing director – Chartwells

Rohan Slabbert – Director of operations – Chartwells

Sue Accorsi – Head of Operations – Chartwells

Denis Verrier- Head of operations – Chartwells

What was you all thinking?

Do you have children?

The choice you all made…to take food away from children…Is that good enough for your child?

These companies, not juts Chartwells, think that we will just sit here and say nothing.

This is not just about school dinners. It’s about all the people who are making profit off the back of other people suffering.

Chartwells should now be banned from supplying food to schools.

Please go and read on their website “Our story”

Where they claim that “Our catering team an housekeeping teams are part of both their school families and the Chartwell independents family”

Well then I feel sorry for those families.

I am sick of people in power taking advantage of people with children. I’m sick of the lack of respect that is shown to families that are trying to do their best and being kicked down by people who can. What kind of people do that?

Name and shame…. time to name and shame

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