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The power of a person…


I think that sometimes we as humans forget how powerful we are, what impact we can have on other humans with our words and actions. Or maybe its not that we forget but rather we are not often reminded or told about the impact we have on others.

My mum used to live by the saying that people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. It has always stuck with me and, if I am very honest, when I meet a new person that I like I try and figure out what one they will be. For me it is usually a reason.

Anyway,  a person I was close with once contacted me today. They just popped up and told me that they could see I was making moves. Informing and educating peeps. That my blogs were good. They said, “It’s better than good to be honest, but I don’t want to big you up still”. That made me smile, a reminder of how when you come from the streets, your appreciation of a person must have that certain level of bants. I love you but don’t get gassed lol

That was it. Didn’t want anything other than to say.. I see you and I see your doing good. That same person also popped up to me once when I was in a very dark place. Out of nowhere like a guardian angel. I remember I was so down on myself, so full of self-hate over the past that I didn’t want to communicate with anyone. Then this same person popped up and made me remember who I am. Where I come from and not to be ashamed of that. Once, this person went a laid flower at my old flat on my mum’s birthday for me after she had died. I said that I was sad that I couldn’t mark her birthday. They sent me a picture a few hours later and the flowers where outside my old flat. Just like that. No long thing.

We have not spoken in time, life happens and people sometimes just stop talking. Sometime there is a reason why people stop talking and sometimes they stop talking for ever.

So, when they popped up to me today it made me realise the power of a person. This individual took time out of their day to give me props. To big me up. To say ICU. I respect that and made me reflect on my mums old saying.

This person has already been around me a lifetime. In the back ground. I think I saw this person on the endz when I was about 11. But they have also popped up a few times for a reason. This person had a massive impact on me and helped me through some bad times about 5 years ago. Gave me good advice. Listened to my tears and fears. Made me laugh. Gave me the boost to make life changing choices and paid respect to my mumsy on my behalf.  And in return I left that person’s life when I knew that my role was done. The role of making them laugh, putting them in check and reminding them what was really important.

You want to know the craziest thing… me and this person have never ever spoken in person. Face to face. From the same endz but from a different lifetime. Around each other but never in a postion to say “What’s good”.  But, a mutual respect of where we have come from.

This is the power of the person. Just words. Words can be so powerful in a good or a bad way. And words can create relationships and connections that could change your life. We as adults need to recognise the power of our words and actions on the young people we live and work with. How we can make them or break them with the right word…sentence… advice.

Tomorrow I am going to meet another person who I have a similar connection with. A lady who I have never met in person yet feels like we have been friends since children. Strange… I think she may be one of my lifetime ones.

Don’t ever ignore them kind of connections when you feel them. Even if it is only for a short time, because that deep understanding of a person… when you are around them or speak to them and you feel like you have known them forever or that you knew them once before… they are the special people. Embrace it.

The person I speak of changed my life in certain ways. There have been many before and some after. People…popping in for a reason… people being in my life for a season and then the ones that I hope will stay for a lifetime.

Thank you D.  You will always be my G.

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