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The interview by Matthew, the head teacher from Thanet, has gone viral. His words have git people talking and thinking about what needs to change in the country. You can read about and listen to the inspirational and quite frankly awesome interview HERE.

I know Matthew very well and I can tell you, hand on heart, that he fights the fight day and night to get the children and young people in his school what they need.

Matthew wants to do one last thing for the most vulnerable families in Thanet this year…he wants to raise funds and give families gift hampers so that we can all have a merry Christmas.

In the UK the number of children living in poverty in working households is 2.1 MILLION!!!

Matthew has put a go fund me page titled “Tim’s Gift”

Why Tim’s Gift you may ask…

Everyone knows the story of the Christmas Carol. In the story Tiny Tim was destitute with nothing except the love of his family. What fewer people know is that this is still the reality for many children In the UK today.

Key areas of Thanet are some of the poorest in the UK and children…instead of looking forward to Christmas…dread it, knowing that instead of gifts under the tree they will be hungry and cold.

Tim’s Gift is about making a simple difference by putting a Christmas Gift in as many family’s hands as possible. I know that it can be hard for some people to imagine that families are living in such poverty…but they are…and we all need to be part of the change.

So…. I am asking you to donate anything that you can…a £1 will…and if you don’t have a £1 then God bless you (did you see what I did there)

Donate and make sure you leave a message. Like I keep saying…never do nothing…always do something…….Then share this post everywhere

Out of the Shadows followers I am counting on you……Lets show the most vulnerable families in Thanet the ghost of Christmas future

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