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Thomas has COVID-19…..His Story


I’m struggling to wright at the moment. I’m struggling to do most things. But that’s another blog.  Today’s guest blog is a little bit closer to hoe than I would like. It makes all this more real.

have a friend named Sharon Wills. Anyone who knows her will say exactly what I am saying now…the women has a heart of gold. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she is everyone’s mum. End of. She takes in people’s emotions and is not afraid to show them. It’s the thing I love most about her. I have seen Sharon cry many times. And laugh. We have been though many emotions together. But the way she has cried this past 2 weeks…man….it has burnt me. I don’t show her that of course, because that snot what I do. But I have watched her sob as all this has unravelled. She cried for the kids …. the adults…. our future in education. We have had to put on a brave face whilst this all started for the kids we work with.

And in the midst of all this, Sharon’s own 29-year-old nephew, Thomas, was diagnosed with COVID- 19. When she told me, she was very matter of fact. She was worried for her family who had to self-isolate and then she cried because she couldn’t be with them. Thomas was very unwell initially but then started to feel better. However, he run out of paracetamol and the pain took over. Thomas started to become unwell again and ended up being blue lighted to hospital. For a few hours Sharon did not know what happened. She had no idea where her nephew was or if he was ok. And she sobbed in front of me and our friends sitting at her desk at work. I never want to see her cry like that again. Yet…we all know that people are losing loved ones right now and that any one of us could be affected. Sharon and Thomas have given permission for this to be shared.

So, the people of England, I give you Thomas Marshall….

Please stay at home..

So, I’ll start from the beginning, hopefully people can avoid contracting Covid19 and potentially developing worse like I did. Started feeling unwell on the 12th. Fever, dry cough so I decided to isolate. As the day went on, on the 13th I was struggling to breathe and I have previous heart conditions, so 111 insisted an ambulance attended.

They attended and diagnosed me Covid19 at the scene after making me do everything out on the pavement. The paramedics were scared themselves, the not knowing what to actually do. They liaised with their bosses and agreed that I should stay at home for now. Water and paracetamol is all I could take, and I spent 95% of my time in my room. But I just wasn’t improving at all and constantly feeling dizzy. Thursday evening, I called 999. My temperature had rocketed to 40.8c and I really was struggling to get a decent breath in. I was rushed to QE, had all my bloods, swabs and an X-ray on my chest. Two shadows on my lungs, I needed constant oxygen to help me. Friday morning the doctors confirmed I had developed pneumonia and I would need to stay in for a few days to try and return my oxygen levels to normal.

Daily blood tests, one of the catheters failing, the other not being put in properly 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ pumped full of antibiotics every 3 hours for the pneumonia and just hoping the Covid19 left my body. Saturday and Sunday, I was extremely poorly but Sunday night I started to perk up.

Yesterday they took me off the oxygen and although my levels remain lower than what they should be, I was looking like I could continue recovery at home and was released with a concoction of tablets last night to take while recovering at home. Before I left, I thanked each nurse individually for all their hard work, everyone in the NHS is working their socks off and they’re a credit to the nation as well as themselves.

I should make a full recovery but long term I don’t know the full impact. I walk upstairs and I’m completely short of breath, but I’m thankful I even have the opportunity to do so.

Please listen to the government. Stay at home, let’s stop the spread of this awful virus. Yes, most won’t get as unwell as I have but nevertheless, you want to avoid it!!!

If you do have symptoms; Plenty of water Paracetamol every 4hours Try and sit upright if possible, this will stop your lungs “sticking” and aid your breathing ISOLATE

To those who didn’t believe me 🖕🏼 I’d like to thank all those around me, who messaged, called, Face Timed to make sure I was okay and help me through it. Big shout out to Katie Viljoen Milsom who’s been brilliant throughout.

Stay safe all, listen to the advice, help the NHS and SAVE LIVES.

You can volunteer to support the NHS beat COVID 19 HERE

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