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Traffickinghub London Protest 2020


I want you to read every single quote that is in the picture above. These are direct quotes from Pornhub from men that viewd a vile video of a underage girl being abused and raped.

They all turn my stomach. They all trigger me.

That girl…those comments…. Those thoughts from those vile humans could be about your daughter. Your mum. Your loved one. They could be about you.

Not only Pornhub allow the videos and comments, they are also facilitators in the sexual abuse of children by allowing them to be uploaded.

Tomorrow (2.10.20) there is a Traffickinghub protest taking place in London and for all of us that cant get to London to show your support, there are many other ways that you can.

We need to stand together and make the world know that Pornhub need to be taken down and the rape and abuse of women and children that is viewed for pleasure on Pornhub must be stopped.

You can watch my videos here with Rachel Bell, Sally Jackson, Fiona Broadfoot and Gemma Aitchison to name a few speaking out about the porn industry, the sexualisation of girls and women and the impact of porn.

If you read this early enough to attend in person, then you need to register  via the Eventbrite page . If you still want to be there, it’s not too late! Everyone is meeting at 11am at Uxbridge Memorial Park

For those of us who can’t be there in person, we need to show our support online. Here are the 6 ways you can:

  1. Take a selfie for the photowall. You can post your picture on the Traffickinghub Social media page or on your own, with the hashtag #traffickinghubLDN. Alternatively, please email the photo to

  2. Share the Campaign Message! Email the links to the Facebook page or send out someTraffickinghub graphics or key statistics. Here’s an example you can post out:

Today on #DayofNonViolence, I have joined over 2.1 million people in signing @Traffickinghub1’s petition to hold Pornhub accountable for promoting and profiting from videos of rape, sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Sign the petition

  1. Add a Traffickinghub Profile Photo frame. This will help to spread the word about the campaign. Here’s how.

  2. Tweet your MP! Tweet your MP anytime from now- or during the in-person protest (between 11am-2pm tomorrow):

Today on #DayofNonViolence, I support the #TraffickingHubLDN protest outside Pornhub’s owners @MindGeek HQ in @BorisJohnson’s constituency. [INSERT @MP name] – will you commit as my MP to pressuring Government to enforce regulation and prevent Pornhub from profiting from rape?

Pornhub is hosting and profiting from real videos of rape, sex trafficking, and other forms of abuse against women and children right now. [INSERT @MP name], as my local MP, help us to end the violence and shutdown #Traffickinghub #DayofNonViolence

Today on #DayofNonViolence, I ask my MP [INSERT @MP name] to support safeguards and regulation to prevent Pornhub from profiting from the sex trafficking and rape of women and children. Pornhub is #traffickinghub. Pornhub is #rapehub.

  1. Tweet Boris Johnson! Mindgeek’s offices are in Boris’ constituency. Make sure our Prime Minister hears about this! Again, you can Tweet him any time, or wait until between 11am-2pm tomorrow

Tweet @BorisJohnson any of the following:

Pornhub is complicit in the sex trafficking and rape of women and children. It is owned by @MindGeek, whose UK HQ is in @BorisJohnson’s constituency. On #DayofNonViolence I am calling on the PM to end the violence and bring in a legal framework to regulate the porn industry.

On #DayOfNonViolence, I call on @BorisJohnson to introduce age verification and consent checks for every video posted on Pornhub. Pornhub is complicit in the trafficking of women and children. #TraffickingHubLDN

  1. Buy a Traffickinghub T-shirt. This is a great way to raise awareness about the campaign. To buy, simply follow this link.

Make the hear our ROAR

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