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Unprofessional professionals


Unprofessional professionals

I have been thinking about writing this blog for a while. But I keep thinking…no…. It’s just going to cause a rift. But I can’t hold it in anymore. Will it get me in trouble…? almost definitely….do I care….not even one tiny bit. Because I am sick of it.

If you know me, you will know that I may be a little bit of a Harry Potter fan. Just a bit. Hence why the picture for today’s blog is Dolores Umbridge. She has to be like the ultimate unprofessional professional. The ones who are being rude and horrible….but smile the whole time.

We all know them. We all work with them, you know the ones, people at work or other professionals you work with who just make life hard work for no reason. Unprofessional professionals are the people who act unprofessional in meetings, who make personal comments, who just make your job harder. They are the people who resent you from afar and you have no idea why. Think now…of who your unprofessional professional is. The last meeting you went to and you just wanted to scream “Grow up”. This blog is for them.

So…if after reading this you think to yourself…on a serious level…was she talking about me…then yes. Absolutely I am referring to you

So, here is the first thing…and this may blow some people’s minds….

Do you know you don’t have to read my blogs? Serious. Like, it’s a choice. No one is forcing no one to read or like what I say or do. However, if you read my blogs just to check up on what I am doing or that I am not writing about your bad practice or referring to something you have done…. Then…and this bit is very important ….STOP PREEING MY BLOG

Why would you read my stuff if you don’t like me? I think it’s a bit strange that you would waste your time to read about someone you don’t like, or don’t think is doing a good job. If that is you, just stop reading now. Or keep reading if you want …which brings me to my next point…

Say something

If you don’t like what I do …say something. I’m not hard to find. Message me. Twitter. Facebook. Email. But don’t waste your time telling others, especially other professionals, how you feel. Address it with me. Let’s debate it. By gossiping to others you’re just creating a very hostile environment. And no one needs that in their life. Well I don’t….

You don’t know me

This goes for all of us who have to interact with unprofessional professionals. We go to work and do our job. You will know some people on a deeper level than others. Some people you work with may be your lifelong friends. Others you forget their name every time you meet them. But I would say that whoever your unprofessional professional is…they don’t actually know you. They know very little about you. They might think they know lots about you…like…by reading your blog for example. But they don’t know what makes your heartbeat. What keeps you up at night. What your core values are. I have seen this could be a problem. So, I have conducted a list for any unprofessional professional I may interact with and wants to know who I am. A check list to save time….so

  1. I

  2. Am

  3. Only

  4. Here

  5. For

  6. The

  7. Kids

  8. And

  9. Have

  10. No

  11. Interest

  12. What

  13. You

  14. Think

  15. Of

  16. Me

I hope that clears things up.

Here is the problem. I have poor social skills in some ways. Like…I can be oblivious to lots of things around me because I am focus on a million other things. It’s a mixture of anxiety, past trauma, ADHD and many other things that means I don’t notice things that I should. So, I often can’t tell if someone does or does not like me just by body language or face expressions. Its not until its very blatant I think…” Ohhhh…. you have a problem with me”. Hence why you need to just say it. Save us both the time and energy.

It confuses me when professionals act unprofessional towards me. Its not happened loads to be fair. I have been blessed with working with some of the finest professionals in the UK. I work within a team that is outstanding. I have spoken with people who have become my role models. But I have also met people who have disliked me for very strange reasons. Of course, you can’t like everyone. Especially someone like me. I am a not everyone’s cup of root beer. And that’s cool. But to be unprofessional ……na…. that’s what I don’t like

You know who suffers when unprofessional professionals are around? The service user. Children, young people, families, the most vulnerable who need our support, they are the ones who suffer if people act like children.

Me, I’m just out here doing my bit. I know that can make people uncomfortable at times. That the things I say and do can make people feel edgy and worried. But , is it my words that make you feel uncomfortable …or the things I do…or is it that I am not shy of highlighting bad practice if I see it and you are worried I may say something about you?

Now let’s think about this…Is it you don’t like me…don’t rate what I do…or you are worried I am going to speak about something you do that is not good?

If the answer is “Worried I am going to speak about something you do that is not good” …why don’t you stop the poor practice? I mean…it makes sense to me. Then you won’t have to worry no more and children won’t be failed. Win win .

I never call people out for a laugh. Its not who I am. I take my role in protecting children too serious. If I call something out it means that I feel that it could have a direct negative impact on children. That’s it. Bottom line. Sometimes I am wrong. Maybe. But surely if I said something that was untrue, I would be held accountable. I mean, if I speak an absolute lie about someone, I would fully expect you to do what ever needs to be done to make that right. I wouldn’t go guns blazing if I didn’t have enough facts to state my case.

You know what I hate most about unprofessional professionals. They have been around me my whole life. People arse covering and lying so they don’t get in trouble. As a kid I was surrounded with unprofessional professionals. People who would not do what they should do at work for an easy life at the expense of a child safety. My safety. Poor practice by adults involved in child protection has been affecting me from day dot. And I had to just take it. Knowing people where not what doing they should but not having my voice heard. It still angers me now. People just box ticking and filling in forms so on paper they look as if they are getting results.

So, yes…if I think your doing a shit job and letting kids down, I’m gonna say something. All day long. That’s never gonna change, no matter where I am. But that’s not a good enough excuse for you to act unprofessional. I also make sure I talk about good practice. Not just on here but when I am working with other professionals. Just saying.

I could go on forever but just like unprofessional professionals…. its boring.

I would never throw out names. I’m not about that. Not on here on any social platform. I will address that in a formal way. With good reason. The way it should be done. The professional way. Because that’s what we are…professionals…. I’m just letting you know what time it is and that even though I am not shouting and screaming it does not mean I have let you off the hook. If you don’t care about the kids you are working with then just fuck off. Serious. Its really that simple.

To everyone that is out there doing a good job, and trying hard to make a difference, I am sorry that unprofessional professionals are making your day harder. Are making the fight harder. Are adding to your load. You don’t deserve it and its not a reflection of your practice…it’s a reflection of their insecurities.

Anyway, I’m sure no one reading this has just opened this blog to pree on me…because that would be highly unprofessional….

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