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When the police are shook ones….

People of special police force on white background

Where I come from, when people act scared when they shouldn’t they are referred to as “Shook ones”.

When I say the police are shook ones, I am not referring to the entire police force. I am referring to the ones that read this blog and at the end say “well, yes, I wouldn’t help either”. I am talking about those shook ones there. I mean if the police won’t save you then who will.

I know this blog will offend people. Look at the title….I want to offend people. Because then maybe things will change. I know I will be told to take this down…..

Imagine if you will…that you are scared and in danger. That things are happening around you and to you that are making you feel unsafe. That people are hurting you. That you are hungry because you have no access to food. That you are being verbally abused and physically abused. That you need medical treatment. Imagine you are scared about what is going to happen next and if you will even make it out alive over the weekend.

You would probably call the police. Tell them you are in danger. That all this is happening. Or maybe you wouldn’t call the police. Maybe you would tell someone, and they would call the police.

You would expect the police to do something wouldn’t you. You would expect them to make sure you were safe…wouldn’t you?

Let’s break it down a bit.

Imagine you had special educational needs. That you were unable to keep yourself safe because of many different factors, including having SEN. Imagine you had SEN and that meant that your thought process was a little different to others. And that it made it hard for you to find a safe space when home become dangerous. That you may not know when to run. You may not be able to notice signals as quick as others. So, when people around you start acting different, when their moods starts to shift to a dark place…..When they start to show signs that they mean to cause you harm, you may not be able to notice this. Imagine how dangerous that is? Imagine how vulnerable that makes you.

And I don’t want you to imagine how that would be for someone else. I want you to visualise it for yourself. You. Wherever you are right now…. imagine feeling scared and not sure why. But knowing that its unsafe and that people around you, maybe even trusted people, have or will cause you harm tonight.

Would you call the police to help you? I probably would.

Imagine, I mean it’s hard to, but imagine that not only did you have special educational needs, you were also classed as disabled. And that disability also ment that you were unable to do certain things for yourself. And that one punch in the wrong place could cause a lifetime of damage. Or one more infected cut could cause irreversible damage. Imagine…due to all of the above, you become unwell or injured and you couldn’t or didn’t know how or …you didn’t even think you had the right to seek medical treatment. You needed medical treatment, you couldn’t access that, but you were in the care of someone that could and should access that. And they don’t help you. They don’t take you and they don’t give a single fuck that you are in pain or discomfort……

Imagine that you are hungry. That you can’t access the food in your home that is available because if you do you will be punished. Imagine you have no access to food or money, you have no job, not a legal safe one anyway and imagine you are told to go out and provide your own food. You still have allllll of the above we have talked about going on and you are told to go and make money. To get food. Or don’t come back. How will you make that money?

Imagine you had unsafe people around you. Trying to hurt you. No one that is there tries to stop it. You can’t get away from it and when one goes…another arrives. And the people that should keep you safe…. they don’t try to help. Imagine that. Not knowing who, what or why these people treat you like an animal. You lay in bed in the same clothes you have worn all week, including the underwear. The underwear that is soiled due to a mixture of anxiety, bad diet, and a lack of self-awareness. And you lay there, and you have no control of what is going on. And you are supposed to sleep. Not knowing who is coming in or out of your space and what their intensions are for you and the ones you care about. So, you try to stay awake but it’s hard because you are cold and dirty and hungry and sad.

Imagine you had all this going on and you were too scared to tell anyone. Because you told before and you were punished. You told before and nothing was done. Yu told before and things got worse. Things actually got worse.

So, you decided that you will never tell again. And fuck those that you told before. And fuck everyone. You don’t need them. You can deal with this; you have your whole life. And for a while you do. Just roll with the punches. Literally.

But then you start to say things to people. Just little things. Because its got bad again. And then you get sick again. And you need help. You don’t ask for help. No way. In fact, it takes a lot for you except that help, but you know that you need it.

And you find yourself back in front of that person again. The one you trusted. The one you told last time. The one you told everything to. The one you said you would never speak to again. Because they let you down. They said that if you told then it would stop. But it didn’t. It got worse. And you hate them for that.

But …here you are…. on your knees. You and her. Both of your eyes have tears as you speak but neither of you let them fall down. You know she cares about you. You know she does. You can feel it. And she says, “Tell me again, tell me and I will tell people that can help you”. And so, you do. You tell. You tell her how bad it is. You present yourself to other professionals that can see how bad it is. You don’t know this, but these people know how long its been bad. You tell her that you can’t tell social services yourself because then you will be punished. But…. You say…if the police just come and turn up…just come and see…they will take you away. You and the ones you love…. wont they….

You don’t know this, but these people…. they can make it stop.

And for a second…you think that maybe…maybe this time it will stop.

And the police are called. The police are called to go to your house and have a look for themselves how bad it is. How stinking it is. The police are called to go see the people that are there. The police are told allllll of the above and more. They have access to your history.

The police are called to go and see the rancid bed you are made to sleep in. The lack of heating. The lack of care.

And the police say that can’t. Not without backup. Because the place you live is so dangerous that the police say its to dangerous to enter…..without backup.

But you can return their tonight.

Image that.

That the police are too scared to go to your yard. The Police. The police say THEY need back up before they go.

So …someone says….” Go get back up then?”. She…the one you trust..she says it.

And they don’t

They just let you stay living like that.

Imagine all of the above….and the police won’t come ….

Now imagine all of the above but your 15 years of age.

Imagine if above was a real-life case….

Imagine the police are too shook to protect children

Imagine the police are shook ones….

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