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Why are we not still talking about Jaden Moodie?

Why are we not still talking about Jaden Moodie?

Why are we not sitting here in shock that this child was killed on our streets

And why the fuck is the mass buying of toilet roll getting more coverage than kids being killed.

Or Child U (DM me for SCR)

If you are saying “who” to any of them names then please…take a seat and listen.

Jaden Moodie

Jaden Moodie

Say it out loud right now…. Jaden Moodie.

Do you know that at aged 14 Jaden asked the police if he could call the Samaritans? Think about that… This “gangster” asking the police if he could contact the Samaritans for help.

A boy, someone’s child, failed by those who should have protected him.

The news report states “had been arrested in a crack den month earlier but police did not contact child exploitation staff” …Shocking…not really.

The communication between statutory services in many areas is so bad it is fatal. But let’s break it down. Because I have had to….to make sense as to why children are still dying, Still being criminalised. Still being ignored.

When he was arrested in a known crack den….what was he 14…13….and he was arrested…With a 17 year old male… when the police noted that “Jaden Moodie has been found in a cuckooed address with an older male”… What happened next? You would think of a CHILD was found in such a place then services would pull together …work so hard to keep the child safe…. But they didn’t

I have read the review. Page for page. And they listed recommendations. Here is an overview of what took place. Jaden is referred to as Child C in the review.

On the 8th January 2019 Child C , who was 14 at the time, was riding a stolen moped (18) when a car deliberately rammed into him, It appears from CCTV footage of the incident , and the events immediately leading up to this, that this was not a random accident, that the car purposefully changed directions one it spotted the moped. I have included the footage below. Watch with caution.

Chid C was knocked off the moped and was attacked by three of the passengers from the car. In a seven second attack he sustained nine stab wounds and died on the ground where he fell. The cause of his death has been given as “Hypovolemic shock” and “Stab wounds to the Torso”.

A 19-year-old was arrested and charged with Child C’s murder on the 19th January 2019. He was convicted of murder on 11th December 2019. During the trial, his defence team acknowledged that he was associated with an organised crime group. The prosecution stated that Child C assailants were carrying out a “Ride out” looking for members of a rival organised crime group. The prosecution stated, on the basis of intelligence gathered by the Metropolitan Police service, That Child C was associated with the Group

So, let’s just paus for a moment. A 14-year-old child…. Who the police knew was involved with gangs…? Is just left out here to run the streets….


Child Cs mother cannot be sure who was exploiting Child C but does believe that her son was being groomed by people who represented a serious risk to him . And she told people. She told YOS. She told the police. And she told social services. She said help ….my son is being groomed…

I think that we need to change the wording on this serios case review. In chapter one it opens with

This serious case review concerns the Murder by stabbing of Child C,- So let’s change that too….

This serious case review concerns the murder by stabbing AND the exploitation that led to the death of Child C

The person that wrote this review says that they can’t see that anyone would have know Child C would have been killed. Idiot.

I will let you all be the judge of that… Here are some snippets from the chronology that you will find in the review


  1. Child Cs father was deported to Jamaica in 2010, having spent 17 months in prison for drug supplying offences.

  2. Child C visited his father often in prison

  3. Child C started life in Leicester and then Nottingham. The family moved to London in 2009.

  4. School was fine until around year 8 where “Twelve relatively minor incidents of misbehaviour were recorded, mainly concerning Child C not following teachers’ instructions. He was formally disciplined twice, once for kicking another student and once for an incident that was classified as bullying.

  5. At the start of year 8 Child C was reprimanded by school for threatening beat up another child

  6. At this time, the academy also knew of an incident three days earlier that had been reported to them by Nottinghamshire police in which child C was alleged to have threatened to stab and shoot another boy with a BB gun. The police believe this earlier incident involved child C lifting his shirt to show the handle of a gun and making threats to another child. Neither the child nor parent wished to make a statement. This incident was not taken any further. In accordance with local custom and practice at that time this information was NOT shared with YOS.

  7. During the reminder of the first term The Academy excluded Child C on three occasions for bullying other children, the third time resulting in his temporary exclusion from the academy for five days.

  8. Two further exclusions for 5 days each followed in the first half of spring term of 2017 for bullying.

  9. Mum does not recall any professionals mentioning of a gun during this time.

I mean.. I don’t know about you… But I am seeing a clear escalation of behaviour and change and I think that when a 12 year old CHILD is known to have lifted up his top and have a gun on display as a form of intimidation…well… that shits gonna get me worried…anyway… I’m sure it all gets better from here…

  1. Mum describes the school as terrible. She added that he “did not have a chance and the teachers did not understand him

  2. Mum removes Jayden from school at this stage and opted for home education.

  3. Jaden did not return to school for the remaining 13 months that he lived in Nottinghamshire, but he was visited twice, in April and October 2017, by an elective home education advise who was very satisfied by the arrangements made By mum. ( he was arrested throughout this time…just saying)

  4. In July 2017, at 13, he stole another child’s bicycle. The incident took place ta 10pm. It was said that Child C had a gun. Child C admitted this. Again, in accordance with local custom and practice at that time the details of this episode were not shared with YOT.

  5. This was the second time that Nottinghamshire police held uncorroborated information about Jayden’s possible access to and threats to use a firearm that they did not share with other agencies, most notably YOS. Even when , in early 2018, it was required to consider whether Jayden should receive a youth Conditional Caution (YCC) for an offence involving a gun, the YOS was not told the history.

  6. Jayden spent some time in Jamaica in 2017 and developed a close friendship with another boy. He was upset when shortly after his return to England, that the boy had died. Several adults who were important to Jaden also died in this period. It seems likely from this account that Jaden would have been helped by some professional help with his grief, but no such help was sought, and this loss only surfaced during the review.

  7. In September 2017 mum asked for Jaden to be placed in a specific Alternative Provision (AP) school in the city of Nottingham. Mum said that she could no longer home school as she had to work. This was denied for 2 reasons. One he was out of area, two, children that are home educated cannot go straight into an AP setting. Any child would need to be back on the school role first.

  8. A visit took place from the Elective Home Education advisors to discuss this and Mum identified a school she would like Jaden to attend. No places were available to due to his age so she could not have started until September 2018. It was agreed home education would continue until her started in September 2018.

  9. However, on the 5th of Jan 2018, unknown to Nottingham County council, Mum applied directly for a place for Jaden in another Academy. The school turned down he application as the year group was full. Had they been aware that Mum wanted Jayden to return to school at this stage Nottinghamshire council would have made an alternative offer but it had been recorded that mum would wait for the school place ,discussed that would take place in September 2018

How you feeling about this so far….. Lets speed things up a little

  1. At time of death he was sleeping on a sofa at his maternal grandmother’s house because his mother did not have adequate accommodation for him to live with her.

  2. Then home educated in 2016

  3. By 2017 this was breaking down and leaving Child C with a lot of unsupervised time

  4. Started getting into trouble in the community- leading to formal responses from the authorities

  5. Mother believed he was falling under bad influences AND TOLD PEOPLE

  6. On more than one occasion she and family were threatened by people by people she didn’t know about repayments of debts Child C was said to have built up

  7. In 2018 mum moves him out of area

  8. In October 2018 Jaden was found in a “Cuckoo House” with a 17-year-old

  9. On his return to Waltham forest the council began to assess his needs for help and protection – However at this time the council and its partners did not have enough information to understand the full extent of child Cs vulnerability to criminal exploitation

  10. Three weeks after being found in Cuckoo house, Child C was permanently excluded from school for a gun related incident – This was not the first-time guns had featured in his risk taking belabour

But… this report says that no one could have anticipated his murder…if that’s true. Then how come the following was going on….

  1. Two initials from Waltham Forest Children social services were “very near to completion” by the time Child Cs Murder eight weeks later.

  2. Some services were already in place- The youth offending services worker, Child Cs key worker, had held a first session engaging Child C about the risks involved with his current situation.

  3. The social worker had prepared a four-point action plan for her own involvement that WAS to be shared with Child C and his family.

  4. Full time alternative education was being arranged.

  5. It had been agreed he would be given a mentor for missing children

So, Jaden gets killed. And all the professionals involved claim that they could not have stopped it. You are all disgusting people . I just want you to know that from the bottom of my heart.

Do we need to talk about attchemnt….do we need to talk about the fact that exploitation is a form of child abuse…

Here is the overall conclusion by the person who wrote this report

“During my review I have found no evidence that Child Cs murder could have been predicted

It is not possible to say with confidence weather different responses to Child C, particularly from September 2018 onwards would have reduced the ultimate threat that he faced on the 8th January 2019 because of the continuing uncertainty about why he was attacked that day.

I have tried at all times to temper my analysis of the key events in Child Cs life by asking myself ‘What interpretation might a reasonable person have made at the time on the basis of what was actually known then”

John Drew, the former chief executive of the Youth Justice Bored for England and Wales and the man that made the above statement… you are beyond disappointing and should stand down from your position .

Your part of the reason why children keep being killed. Your stupidness and lack of care of Jaden Moodie and this report is shocking and heart breaking. It is you and people like you that contribute to the further murders of our exploited children.

I have also included the SCR of “Child U” and “Chris”. Read ….take it in… see how the children and families ask for help

These are people’s children

These are our children

Where is our minutes silence or social media blackout for them, the children killed through exploitation?

All three of these children are the reason I am writing my dissertation

Don’t make me go and get a PHD to have to address this stuff.

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